Since it is nearly twenty years since we recorded our Irish Hearts CD, we thought that it might be time to re-post the link so many of our friends could enjoy it again this spring.

We had a wonderful time recording it, and we believe that it still holds up, after all these years.  As always, your comments and critiques are more than welcome.

Irish Hearts

Carl and I began playing Irish music at the Wooden Nickel bar in the early eighties. We were playing rock n’ roll there every week, when the owner asked us if we knew any Irish music. (since St. Patrick’s Day was a week away). “Of course!”, we said. (and, of course, being a lie), we had a week to learn ten Irish favorites. We played ten songs that year, over and over again, interspersed with our usual rock repertoire. Each year after that, we would learn more and more, until we now have added more than a hundred into our St. Paddy’s day ritual.

Years after that very first St.Patrick’s day, all we had gotten so many requests for a compact disk of our music, we decided to go into the studio, (Carl’s basement), and produce one.  After gathering requests since the 80′s, we settled on a collection of Irish favorites that blended the best of those songs that were perennial requests as well as the melodies that we held dear. We cut the first CD’s in spring of 2000, and have been making them available since. All those CD’s will be collector’s items someday, and the album was an instant hit. Listen now as we put our souls and Irish hearts into each and every melody.

brennan-on-the-mooreDanny-Boyeasy-and-slowfiddler's-green  irish-roverjug-o-punchLord-of-the-danceMuirsheen-Durkinorange-greenparting-glassscotsmanseven-old-ladiesthe-black-velvet-bandthe-bricklayerthe-gallant-ship

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