Carl and I have always held tradition in high regard.  When you work for things and create connections and memories that resonate with people over time, it becomes even more important and fulfilling.

Throughout our long careers in entertaining, we have established many of those connections with people and venues that have spanned years and even in some cases, decades.

Recently however, one of those traditions has been lost and hopefully, a new one begun.

For many, many years, Carl and I have entertained on Saint Patrick’s Day at a couple of local establishments; all day, from early morning until late evening.

We’re talking twenty years or so, for the same people.  Well, this year, due to circumstances beyond our control, those events did not happen.

Thankfully, a new opportunity presented itself, and gave us a chance to share our Irish music with our friends once more.

Bumper’s Landing, on their very first St. Paddy’s day, allowed us to stop by and sing about those green alligators, live and in person!

Talking about it nearly a week before the big day, neither one of us really knew what to expect.  So much depends on the weather and word of mouth, and the bar never being open for the Irish holiday before.  We truly had no idea if anyone was going to be there or not.

Much to our delight, when we arrived, Bumper’s was jumping.  The sky was blue, the temperature was not too cold, and people were definitely ready for the beginning of spring!  St. Paddy’s means a new beginning to a lot of folk, green or not.

It was something new for the staff and a lot of the patrons at Bumper’s, to hear us do nothing but Irish music.  They actually seemed to like it.  Who knew?

We began with our traditional opening song.  (Yep, we love our traditions . . .), The Whistling Gypsy, and then moved right into more songs about whiskey and women.

Irish songs are full of spirit and life, that’s for sure.  That is the connection that people can hear, no matter what your heritage is.  And, on Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish!

Knowing by now that everyone was immersed in the “wearing’ of the green”, Carl and I lunged deeper into the heart of the Irish spirit.  We played music about drinking, and fighting, and loving and sailing and fighting and more drinking and even more drinking, until everyone was singing along.

It was very satisfying to know that we were the entertainers to bring Irish music to these boaters.  It was a great fit.  After all, no-one loves a good party more.

The music was taking hold at this part of the evening.  There were smiles and song everywhere you looked.  The glasses were full and the people were happy.

The very first St. Paddy’s celebration at Bumper’s was a success.

Who knows where we will end up on March 17th next year.  Maybe, just maybe we have started another wonderful tradition.




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