Thinking that Bumper’s Landing is  a “boat bar” just doesn’t make sense any more.  There are too many facets to it.  True, some people show up only in the summer when the weather is hot and sticky.  They sit by the water and feel cooler just by being there.

Some people come for the food.  (When your tummy nudges you and tells you that it needs pub food, you really have no choice but to obey.)

There are the drinks.  Yes, the drinks.  Served good and cold, and refreshing and so plenty. Yes, the drinks!  Some come to Bumper’s for that.

There are those that even venture out for the music.  On the weekend, the line-up is outstanding and vibrant.  Part of the setting besides the water and sun and booze and music, is the total vibe.  Bumper’s owns it!

With all that being said, why would you stop by in late March to a bar that brags about the sun?

The big game.

Whether it’s baseball, football or hockey, the big gamer is always on.  People like it, and they like people.  In fact, they do everything they can do to make them happy.

On this particular Saturday night, the big game was of course, basketball.  The university of Michigan was on and vying for a ticket to the national championship game.  Our job was to amp up the excitement level, and entertain the folks during breaks.

We began hot right out of the gate, since the bar was full and getting ready to burst.  Since there was nothing to hold back on this evening, we didn’t even try to ease into anything.  We take our cue from the people, and the people were ready to party.

When a big game is on, everyone’s attention is riveted to the screens.  They live and die with every shot, goal or basket.  To try and play music is just too distracting for the patrons, and does not really add anything.

On this night, the game was back and forth, with many great plays keeping everyone on the edge of their seats.  The boys from Michigan were in it, and people were very optimistic for the second have.  As soon as halftime arrived, Carl and I began anew, launching some of our best up-tempo classics their way.  Most people were still too wrapped up in the game’s outcome to truly let themselves go, just yet.

As the second half began to unfold, it seemed more clear that this night was going to be very enjoyable.  The baskets were dropping and the cheering became a never-ending exclamation point on a night destined for a big, party.

The crowd counted down the win, as the final buzzer sent the boys from Ann Arbor to the national title game.  It was a perfect night for everyone.

Now Carl and I could relax, let loose and lead the happy crowd in song.

On a night that was more about sports than music, we we’re happy to let the people be the show.  It happens more nights than you might know.  After all, we are there for the people, Our job is to entertain them.  To let them find their “happy place”, right here for a few hours.

It was another great crowd.  Most of them nearly exhausted because of so much adrenaline  being spent.  The relief, the elation and the worries, all washing over the patrons as the night few to it’s conclusion.

Another fun time at Bumper’s for us all.  Just another way to enjoy the spring, the fellowship and the fun that is this amazing venue.


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