Everything seemed to be pointing to a very slow night at Bumper’s Landing, in Harrison Township.

After all, it was thirty degrees, with a twenty five mile an hour wind, that made it feel like about ten degrees, when we arrived for the night.

“Normal” people probably wouldn’t even venture out for the evening.  But, we all know by now, these are not normal people.  Even better; they’re boaters!

As I’ve mentioned on several occasions, boaters don’t care about stuff like that.  The weather, the temperature, the wind or the wake or the time of day really don’t get in the way of as good party.  On this night, they were going to party, no matter what.

One of those things that we can always seem to count on there; they know how to have a good time.

So as Carl and I were shivering while setting up our gear, the crowd that had already arrived got louder and louder.  Nothing better that walking in to an instant party.

Just add music!

With things so crazy, as the eight O’clock hour rolled around, it was obvious that we were not about to begin this night, musically, with anything other than party music.

No problem at all.

Wagon Wheel” started things off.  Then some Neal Young, and Dylan and Chesney.  The hits just kept coming, one after the other, until an hour had passed and it was time to officially greet the crowd.

During our breaks, we try and go out and interact with the people to find out how they are doing.  We attempt to get their suggestions on music and how the entertaining was interpreted through their eyes.

That’s all part of trying to keep everyone happy.

The second set began with us doing our best to keep the tempo and energy up at the high level we began with.  It was pretty easy to do, considering how everyone was feeling.  Gals were dancing, and by now, even the guys got out on the floor to shake a leg!

Seems like the dregs of winters’ cold winds did little to dampen the spirits of anyone who was on hand, this Saturday night.  It was a very happy group of people.  Thank god for boaters!

The next set was more of the same, with several slow songs thrown in for good measure.  It was becoming apparent that they were enjoying cuddling up on this cold windy night as well as dancing to the up-tempo tunes.

This fun group really was entertaining themselves, if that makes an sense.

Pretty soon, we were playing our last set, and finishing up the night.  The smiles were still on everyone’s faces.

Even as people were leaving for the night, the comments were all wonderful.  They were happy, and ready to come back when the weather would cooperate.


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