While it was not our first time entertaining at “The cutest little ball-park in America.“, it was probably the best.  The weather was nice and the people were friendly and in a great mood.

It was a actually the forth or fifth time that we have played Jimmy John’s Field, in picturesque Utica Michigan.  However, each time, (but the very first), was marred by some type of natural phenomenon.  Twice it was home to torrential downpours, and once the winds were in excess of fifty miles an hour. While not making it impossible to play, it certainly didn’t make things conducive to good baseball.

On this night however, things went very smooth.

A picturesque setting for our American pastime.  What could be better?  Maybe sharing it with friends, family or your best gal!

Only thing better would be adding some superb music to the whole endeavor.  Plus, a theme.  How about making it Irish Heritage Night?


All we had to do was to entertain the fans before, during and after the baseball fun.  No problem.

From our perch in center field, we could see all of the action, first hand.  And with our intern for the evening, Benny, everything went smooth and by the numbers.

All we had to do was to follow the script.  6:00 to 6:15 play Irish music.

After the second inning, third inning, and then after the fifth.

Then seventh, middle of eight, then it gets a little sketchy from their on out.  Not even extra innings would get us off track on this night.

The weather was perfect.  The people were friendly and fun.  All smiles and cheers and dancing.  Always the way it is at Jimmy John’s Field.  That’s why we keep coming back.

Special thanks to Benny.  He made everything so easy and perfect.  He gave us our cue to begin, when to stop and even told us great stories about all the hardworking people that make the ballpark a great place for family entertainment.

Summer is just beginning.  Make sure that you take in a game or two this year at Jimmy John’s Field.  You’ll be so glad that you did.

We sure hope to be back.  And, maybe next time we’ll have more fans with us.


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