The Saturday might start out dark and grim; but before you know it, the sun worshipers will rule!

When last Saturday began, it was cool, dark and cloudy.  Not the kind of day that anyone would suspect of being a good day for an outdoor event.  I guess that I am guilty of be somewhat pessimistic when it comes to folks and the Michigan weather. I tend to err on the side of people wanting to stay inside and being comfortable, if there is the slightest reason that they might not like it outside.  Well, once again, I have underestimated boaters.

Yes, it was a little cool and windy.  A little dark and dreary.  And yet when we arrived to set up at 5;00 on Saturday, at Bumper’s Landing, we realized that someone forgot to tell the boaters that they shouldn’t be enjoying the day.

Too late.  They were there and they were already happy, no thanks to us.  Bumper’s Landing is a true boater’s haven.  It is quite evident that they feel very much at home as soon as they arrive.

Doing all we can to feed that feeling, carl and I are quick to break out the Jimmy Buffet.  Just the right vibe to get their motor’s running.

Sailing through our first set; it became ever so evident that nothing was about to darken the day for this group.  Just in time for the middle of our set, the sun made it’s appearance.

Now there was no holding back this crowd.  By the second set, it was filled inside and out.  Happy people appeared everywhere.  Men, women, boats and kids.  And, a full pack of dogs, on this night.

Yes, dogs!

Boaters love their canine companions, and Bumper’s does as well.  There were several pooch’s for the evening, in all shapes and sizes.  If you couldn’t feel like you were finally at home before seeing them, I’m sure that did the trick.

We play five hours when we entertain on a Saturday night.  The theory is that we take longer breaks than usual, since we play one hour more than most every other band.  In reality, it never works out that way.

Like one patron told me, “You guys play more than an other band, period!”.

Well, we do what we do.  What we have always done.  Our goal is to “audition” each and every night.  To take nothing for granted.  We never act like anything is owed to us musically.  We treat each and every audience like people that we have never met, and need to win over.

By doing that, we always try and put our best foot forward.  We give all that we have at every show. We try to work as hard as all of the good people that work around us.  From the owner, right down to the bus boy.  They all work incredibly to make everyone else succeed.

Our next set had lots of fun, sing-a-long songs ready and waiting to be joined by the people.  All we had to do was to ignore the fish flies that dropped by early.  No problem, I’m pretty sure that it will get a lot worse before its gets any better. In a week or two, we will be covered with them.

Saturday was a great night.  There was only one thing missing.  Still right on the edge of that break-out night when the weather finally cooperates, and gives us a hot-sweaty summer Saturday.

It’s about to happen; and when it does . . .

Look out!


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