Everywhere we look, (even despite what some people say), there are signs that people want to take an active hand in “Making America great again“.

Let’s forget the politics of that phrase, for a moment.

Of course, we all look back at days gone past, and somehow yearn to reclaim the joy and happiness imagined within.  Everything seems better as we reflect on it, weather realistically or not.  Things were always better.  Things were always easier, or longer, or shorter or simpler.

We all realize too, that some of that might not have been appreciated or valued at the actual time that it was experienced.  We tend to romanticize things as we look back at them.  It’s part of the human condition.

So when we look back at the simpler time of being a child and having no responsibilities other than just listening and doing what our parents told us to do, life sure could seem wonderful.

When Carl and I arrived in the quaint little town square in Auburn Hills last Friday afternoon, we were both struck with how picturesque it was.

America as it was always intended to be.  Inclusive, warm and glorious.

Since Auburn Hills is going through such a transformation from what it was, to what it ideally wants to be, the cityscape is undergoing some growing pains right now.

Apparently there will be a brand new amphitheater next year near the park, down near the river.  The town square is under an upheaval, as new store-fronts are being created and some updated.  The streets were being widened and re-faced for better pedestrian and automobile interaction.

All of this to say that right smack in the middle, we were to do a concert!

It was a great honor to be included in their concert series line-up with such other accomplished entertainers.  Since we have played several time over the past few years, we were quite excited to be back.  And, looking ahead to the new venue on the horizon, it was even more of an incentive to step up our game just a little bit, so were were asked back.

So they rolled out the red carpet for us this time.

Well, the green carpet to be exact.  About an entire football field of green Astro-Turf.

They ingeniously transformed a small town square into an impromptu concert arena for this years’ concert series.  The new amphitheater should be done by 2019.

When we show up at a new location or venue, and we are greeted by warm friendly faces, it begins the entire experience perfectly.  It was very evident, that so much care and attention had been focused on this event, that we both knew it was going to be a great night.

The weather was going to cooperate and people were arriving even then to stake out their space for the upcoming show.

We set up casually and easily on the cute little stage they had prepared for us.  As people were arriving and congregating, we changed our clothes and prepared to start.

After the emcee gave us a warm welcome, we began our hour and a half show with some Bob Segar music to get everyone accustomed to our sound.

We played music from many artists and several genres as the evening unfolded.  We even played several Irish favorites to the delight of the passionate attendees.

An hour into the performance, Carl called for some requests from the appreciative crowd.  The Monkees and Neil Diamond were right at the front of the line as time was beginning to grow short for our show.

Watching people dance, smile and sing along is always a great way to gauge how effective we are at engaging our audience at any performance.  The Auburn Hills crowd seemed to enjoy the night as much as Carl and I were.

It was a wonderful evening.

We finished with our rendition of, Love The One You’re With; our way of letting the audience know how much we enjoyed the entire Auburn Hills experience.

We certainly hope that we we be asked to return next year at the new venue.  It will be very hard to top this years’ event.

Someday, when we look back at this night, we will both smile at the memory of us reflecting the greatness that America can be, through our musical performance.



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