The Bumper’s phenomenon.

It’s a thing.

Well, it is now, for sure.  Just ask anyone in Southeast Michigan who knows anything,  they’ll tell you all about it.

The word is out.
The drinks are poured.
The food is cooking and music is in the air.

Carl and I are yet to have a perfect evening as far as the weather is concerned, and yet, the nights have been incredible at Bumper’s Landing.

When the temps and clouds do cooperate, it is going to be some kind of incredible madness!

That will be fine, we’ll be ready to manage it all.

For now, we’ll take what we can get, weather wise.  Last Saturday, it was cloudy and sprinkley outside.  We wondered if people were going to show top.

Since it was very quiet when we showed up to bringing our gear, we thought that it might be a very slow night.  Boy, were we wrong.

Right from the beginning of the night, we watched the doors open up and and deliver us smiling faces.  Smiling faces that for the most part, stay3ed all night long.

The rain might have been trying to spoil the evening, but the Bumper’s crowd was having none of it.

Our first set was spent just watching the phenomenon, first and, really.  They would come in and seem to never leave.  Everywhere happy groups of fun, jovial boat people.  Our kind of crowd.

Carl and I could really get spoiled playing for these people.

Set after set of music began to wear them down, until around nine thirty, the dancing break out in earnest.

Guys were sitting in to perform a song or two, and everyone Wass having an incredible time.

Wse. certainly didn’t count on anything much happening on this night; however, we were wrong.  Very soon it was packed and nearly overflowing into the Cabana.

One thing we never have taken for granted was the Bumper’s phenomenon.  It’s almost crazy fun now.  This huge group of people, every week, all having a wonderful time.

No fights, no problems and not hassles.

Some thing are just natural occurrences: like the weather, the elements and time itself.

The Bumper’s Phenomenon is the only one of them that is man made.

Well, man AND women made!


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