While many changes have been taking place in and around Macomb County, some of them good, some of them bad, there is one thing that you can always count on.

While all this has taken place, some things still remain constant; like the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in downtown Mt. Clemens.

The building has been a pub for over one hundred years now, and although many proprietors have come and gone, it has more than stood the test of time.

The Mice always delights.

The acoustics are warm and rich.  The architecture is timeless, and the walls resonate with a truth and honesty that cannot be easily measured without experiencing it first-hand.

When you walk in for the first time, you realize that stepping inside these walls is a treat to all your senses, not just your eyes and ears.

While the alcohol beckons, the traditional bar and wood detailing pleases your soul.

Add the smell of sumptuous comfort-food and you can see why the Mice is whirling through it’s fifth year of service to a thirsty community.

Carl and I love playing at this venue.  So close to the people that they can’t help but feel part of the entertainment suits us just fine.  Something akin to street magicians, standing inches away from our audience is almost like working without a net; exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

Once we strike up the first chord however, we are in charge of our own musical destiny.  Standing alone with two guitars is a very good way to quickly find your worth as a musician.  If you can entertain like that, in its’ simplest form, you can do anything, we believe.

At the Mice, when the clock hits eight, the lights go on, and we begin the first song.  Most always, we ease into our night with a selection that will make the transition from quiet conversation to easy listening, enticing and palatable.

There are many people that came for dinner and didn’t expect musicians to pop up, seemingly unannounced.

It is our job to help those folks make the decision to extend their stay.  Customers are our bosses, and ideally each one of them must be won over and hopefully satisfied.

We want them back, and we want them to feel welcome and happy and the desire to spread the word.

Everything we do is to accomplish that goal.  We begin easy and as the night evolves, turn up the volume and the tempo to a level that matches the pace and pulse of the patrons we engage.

There are lots of ways to get it done, but the easiest way is by simply selecting the right song at the right time of night.

Reading the eyes and requests from the audience, we can tell when to pick it up, when to slow it down and even when to get a little irreverent or completely sentimental.

That is always part of the fun.  It is the best reason why Carl and I have never used a set list to dictate how the night should go.

We would rather let the audience dictate to us, what they would feel and like.  Most of the time, that works pretty well.

Friday was just such a night.  As people came in and were reluctant to sit right in front of us, they quickly realized that we weren’t too loud or too annoying.

Nothing that a fair amount of alcohol couldn’t rectify.

Actually, we had pretty good luck playing all the requests that we fielded.  Johnny CashNeil Diamond and Cat Stevens led the pack.  Of course we scattered some traditional Irish favorites their way without incident.

We play five hours when we entertain at The Three Blind Mice.  Five hours of three minute songs is a pretty good way to sharpen your musical chops in this business.

Friday evening was pretty typical night at the Mice.  Although we could have gotten fair amount of walk-ins from the fireworks that were happening downtown, the rain unfortunately curtailed most of that throng.

We always feel at home in this pub. It speaks to us.  And it listens to our song, if that makes any sense.  We are a good fit.  It’s incredibly hard work, but worthwhile each and every night.

We’ll be back in a week or so, and we can’t wait.  We know that it will be waiting for us, as it always is.


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