we’ve waited, we’ve watched and we’ve even begged for it.  Finally, summer has arrived to stay!

About time.

While we can’t complain about the weather now, we just need to manage the crowds.  Keep them happy, that is.

Not too much trouble at Bumper’s Landing, since they are usually exceedingly happy to begin with.

On this particular Saturday, while the warm weather finally and ultimately arrived, so did those pesky clouds.  Not to matter.  Nothing could keep away this group of contented revelers.

As we arrived to set up, no one was confident in what Mother Nature had in store awaiting us down near the water.  The skies were grey, but as of yet, warm and pleasant.

The weather maps were a bit inconclusive, and watching the sky was not yielding us the pertinent information that we needed to make an informed decision about where to set up for the evening.

So, set up outside, we did.  If things changed, we would roll with it.  After all, that is pretty much what we did at Bumper’s Landing every time.

Playing by the water on a summer Saturday is an idyllic scene, unless, you add water dropping from the skies.  That is what made us move inside.  That, and Captain Morgan!

Captain Morgan, you say?  Yup, in came the good captain, resplendent with his peeps, entourage and first & second mates in tow.  Also, complete with his own marching band.

We had to take a break for all of that.  While we did, we tore down our equipment and hustled it inside to set up once more.  For as soon as we set up again and began to play, the rain unloaded its’ vengeance on the unsuspecting crowd.

No matter.  They joined the Conga line inside and everything was good!

The music got hotter and hotter and the dancers found their groove once again.  It was utter chaos, but utter fun at the same time!

The rain, the music and the Captain made this night one of the moist memorable we had ever played.  (And, by now you know that we have been playing for a long time.)

Beach music, country and rock ballads and party songs filled the lungs of every patron that night as the roof was nearly blown off the bar.

We escaped with our lives, only after playing three or four encores to the drones of, “One more!!”

When the weather truly cooperates, we know that we are going to see something like never before at this place.

It’s gonna be epic, and we are gonna be right in the thick of it!!!





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