Every once in a while, we are asked to entertain at a private party or event.  While most of them are pure joy, from time to time we play one that will be remembered for the rest of our days.

On Saturday, we had one of those parties, and we are still smiling, just thinking about it.

While the setting was picture perfect, (the weather was wonderful and the guests were friendly and fun), what made this event were the host and hostess.

Scott and Carrie were as wonderful and gracious as any amazing hosts we have ever worked for.  While planning their latest family reunion, they thought that they would include us to entertain their treasured guests.  We were so very glad that they did.

The two of them had heard us up at Bumper’s Landing, some time ago, and thought that we would be a great fit at their party.  They were so right.

Arriving early, (as we like), we were amazed at the beauty and warmness of their new home on the lake.  If you were a boater, or a lake person for that matter, you would have a very hard time finding any flaw in this picturesque setting.

We quickly noticed that our hosts left no detail to chance as they attended to our every need right from the moment we pulled in.

While some houses are beautiful, some statuesque, and some are well lived in, when you find the rare house that is all of that and more, it really grabs your attention.

Gustes were enjoying each and every facet of the deck, the yard, the spacious garage/bar or even the lake.  Kids and adults were equally entertained; and we hadn’t even played a note yet!

Since many of the guests and family were from out of town, they told us about their tradition of gathering to get a family photo, every two years or so.  It was a perfect way to capture the memory for the younger ones to have some day.

We were all set up and ready to go as the guests settled in to dine on the sumptuous eats from legendary, Slows restaurant.

After a while, we were ready to seize the night for ourselves.

We began easy enough with the usual boat music destined to evoke pleasurable thoughts of ocean and island; every song painting haunting images of relaxation and retreat from the everyday world.

Guests listened while they ate, smiling and clapping.  When dinner was over, many of the people took some time to see the house, congregate by the bar, fire or lake, listening as they mingled.

We played several songs that were requested by the group under the tent, and sent as many to the others who were perched lakeside to listen.

Just as the sun faded on the lake, the lights came on under the big tent.  Carl and knew that it was time to crank up the party to a respectable level the guests would never forget.  Somehow even the kids got involved with all the musical fun.

They Limbo‘d, they listened and they even did the Achey-breaky.  When we launched into Disney’s Under The Sea, from The Little Mermaid, those kids, (and some of the adults), nearly lost their minds!

It was so much fun, we never wanted to stop.

Pretty soon, we did have to stop, though.  The Java-Java, (Espresso bar on wheels) had arrived, and all that was left to do were a couple ceremonial shots with the hosts to stamp this perfect evening into our hearts and souls forever.

What a night!  Nothing I could write about could have made that night better.

Carl and I cannot thank Carrie and Scott enough for the wonderful treatment that we received at their amazing party.

We truly are grateful and hope to see them again in the months to come.

This gig was one of the good ones!





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