In the mind’s eye of the artist, you would find their own personal vision of what a perfect day would be.  It might consist of blue skies, sunny climes or tranquil, pastoral-like settings.

On this beautiful weekend in Shelby Michigan, life truly imitates art.  Nothing was even remotely out of place on this picture-perfect Saturday-Sunday event for us.

Both days, the weather was right on point.  The grounds were impeccable, and the crowds were massive.  The vendors were poised and ready to show off their wares, just as the people began pouring in to the Shelby Art Fair, twenty eighteen.

Of all the scheduled shows we have on any years’ calendar, this is always one that we look forward to.  Easy arrival, set-up and staging.  We open for an amazing band who follows us, and never disappoints.  (The Rick Lieder Band).  Everything that could go right, did this weekend as we played two shows to start off each days’ festivities with the eclectic tone we feel was needed.

Eclectic, because this type of setting is just perfect for the kind of music that is a wee bit off the beaten path.  We don’t need to do the Margaritaville’s, the Brown Eye’d Girls or the Friends In the Low Places to please this crowd.

You know what, we might never play, My Girl again.  Hmmmm….

Carl and I can take a step back and play some songs that might need a little more listening.  Some songs are true gems that get lost in all the hype of commercial radio airplay.  We had several opportunities on Saturday and Sunday to slip in more than a few of our favorites gems.  

Here Comes Tomorrow, Where Do The children Play?, Big Iron, and even the seldom heard, Ain’t no Sunshine When She’s gone, reverberated over and through the Shelby oaks, bringing smiles and salutations from all who listened.

There are certain songs that hold deep meanings with people, and every once in a while, we get the chance to perform them.  All we need is the people to be to here to listen.

One kind lady approached the band shell and asked us if we could please play Wagon Wheel for her, telling us that it had a very special meaning.  The smile she wore as we gratefully played it for her meant more to us than many many requests we get at other shows.

Actually, that is the reason we still perform music.  For that lady, and all those like her that hold music dear.  For them, each song holds a special treasure to be enjoyed.

Everyone comes to this art fair for different reasons.  Some for the artwork, or the crafts.  Some to hear the music, to take part in a community event, or even to listen to live music.
So much going on, so much to see and do.

And taste!

We love the ice creme truck, the delicious pulled pork sandwiches, and especially the kettle corn.  Yum!

Everything on hand seems to meld as well.  The food compliments the music, and visa-versa.  The natural setting compliments the artwork and handcrafted items.  Everything simply works.

Musically we do all that we can to try and play many different genresl.  We play country and pop and folk and even Irish music.

Something for everyone, is our motto.

Every show we play rockets past at this fair.  Before we even realize it, we have time for maybe one song.  The only problem is that we have so many songs left over that never got played.

While there are certainly many thanks to around, to all the wonderful people that make this huge event work, we need to thank the main sponsor.

This year the band shell was sponsored by Genisys Credit Union who’s generous endowment made it possible for all the art lovers to hear some wonderful music while they strolled through the park.  We humbly thank them and hope that they allow us to return next year for more.

I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to stop by and sit a little during this special weekend.  The setting is so very perfect that it truly beckons you to, sit down and cast off all  your troubles and cares.

This pastoral scene comes to like once a year, right around the corner from all of your troubles and woes.

For at least one weekend a year, the artwork that we hold so dear comes to life and lets us paint its’ canvas.


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