I guess there are some places in the world where wild, untamed things just happen.  Bumper’s Landing seems to be one of those places.

In Michigan, there are places like, The Mystery Spot, or Gravity Hill, or even, the Grave of Mr. Chicken, (The plastic legged rooster!). Each place offering it’s own unique portal into something unknown and as of yet, truly unexplained.  (Some of them, simply requiring alcohol).

But did you know that we have our very own place where unexplained things happen nearly every weekend?

Yes, it’s Bumper’s Landing!

Crazy, wild, amazing, inspiring and even sometimes naughty things happen right there!

Along with some more normal occurrences, (like eating and drinking and partying), there are meetings, anniversaries, birthdays, promotions and even more.

Day in and day out, mostly “normal” things go on.  However, if you look closer, you will notice there is usually more going on than at first meets the eye.

If you look closer on any given weekend, you will see people act just a little crazier.  You will see things just a bit more outlandish.

More drama, more passion, more fun!  That’s what we see anyway.

You might scoff at the notion that Bumper’s Landing could be one of Michigan’s uncharted mystery spots; so let’s examine this claim logically, shall we?

  • Are people drawn to that spot, week in and week out?
  • When they arrive, do they experience a completely physical and emotional reaction?
  • Does the simple combination of water, food, music and alcohol have a nearly intoxicating effect on all who partake?
  • Do you witness crazy things going on, each and every Friday or Saturday?
  • Do you feel an unmistakable, nearly irresistible urge to return, again and again?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, you might have come to realization that this place has even more significance then you ever imagined.

“This area is pretty old, and right on the banks of the Clinton River there have been many people settling since time began.  There certainly could have been tribes of early Indians or travelers that have been occupying this very spot for centuries. “

All Carl and I know is that its been crazy every night we play.

Everything plays their part.  The weather, the food, the drinks.  Combined in such a way that it makes people do things that they usually wouldn’t.

Oh,          Yeah!

We started outside on this particular night, doing our very best to read the sky and wind as we set up.  We began on the patio and watched the clouds between songs.  Our music was island-centric: Buffett, Chesney and Marley; light, fun and tropical.  We were doing our very best to hold onto the summer vibe as long as we could.

Just moments before the rain moved in, we broke down our gear and reconvened inside.

Just in time, I might add, as the clouds opened up and took over the patio.

To begin our second set, we changed up the vibe and put a country spin on it, to the delight of those patrons who, like us were retreating from the wet weather.

Something weird, strange or different seems to always happen at Bumper’s Landing, just like all those other attractions.  It’s usually just a matter of time.

Could be the weather.  Could be the moon.  Could a’ ben the whiskey!  Usually, its a combination of everything and everybody.

Similar to those other natural attractions, Bumper’s naturally attracts fun!  That’s what brings everyone back for more.

Meanwhile back inside, the second half of the evening was calling us to pick up the tempo and get dancing.  The crowd was in the mood to boogey, and that suited us just fine.

It sure could have been the mysterious elements taking hold of the wild-eyed patrons, but it was that time of the night when everyone wanted to find someone to make their night even more enchanted.

At the bar, every attractive woman had at least three men to choose from.  No wonder people are drawn to this spot.

As the night wound down, and the last song was echoing through the wind, Carl and I packed everything away for the last time.

We sat in the van, numb from the grueling day, in a crazy place where so many things are weird, strange and unexplained, and I couldn’t help but realize how amazing it was to spend the last quiet moments with my best friend by my side.

A feeling I will never experience again.

We might not ever know what’s right around the corner.  But I do know that there are plenty of life’s mysteries still awaiting.

Just listen . . .






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