Saturday night at Bumper’s Landing started out slow this week, as there was a kinda big car show thingy happening. (The Dream Cruise).

Lots to do as summer winds down and people jockey to get every last thing done on their event, to-do list.  Many of them out and about, watching cars, many on the lake.  Weddings and birthday parties, and even a few catching sporting events or galas.  And what about those who just want to get off the grid until September?

That’s ok, we understand.  We’ll be here when you are ready.

Carl and I began at six O’clock along with some boaters that dropped by to have a brew and a laugh.  It was a nice relaxing way for us to begin our Saturday entertaining experience, at a low-impact level.


As soon as we began our second song, the restaurant/bar/dinner-music venue began to fill.  By the end of our first set, every table, of course was occupied.

It’s great to take it a little slow sometimes.  We’re not too used to that at Bumper’s.

The weather was nice enough to allow people to mille about and enjoy all that the waterfront has to offer.  Dogs, kids, adults and staff all going through their motions as they interact out this play we call, “Life”.  Our job is to supply the sound track.  We try and do it one day, one song at a time.

Our second set began with a little more passion and strength than the last, since we set out to be a bit slow and smooth from the start.

With people always come requests, and they began popping up right and left.  After the second set, Carl and I stopped to chat with many friends, and several patrons new to Bumper’s that had a thought or song advice.

You really never know how busy it will be on a given night.  All that we can ever do is to estimate, plan and guess really in the end.  Some nights are much better than others.

For a Saturday night, this week was a little slower than we have been used to.  Looking around you can see how people are tired and generally worn out from all that they have got going on in their lives.  We see it, and realize that we need to work even harder so that they can enjoy their time with us.

The rest of the evening was spent working even harder to please the people.  Dancing music, or course was what we used to make everyone happy.

In the end, two young gals in their thirties came up to us while we were packing up, and told us how much they enjoyed our music.  So very gratifying to hear those compliments from people in a demographic that would generally be expected.

We pulled out of the parking lot, tired but quite satisfied in knowing we brought a little music to some people’s summer.  Not a bad way to spend our lives.




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