Bumper’s Landing, where anything can happen.

What fun to be able to entertain in such an amazing waterfront bar.  While the patrons are always fun, exciting and above all, interesting; the biggest plus is being able to work with the owner and his incredible staff.

Carl and I have entertained all over Michigan for many, many years.  We have been around, so to speak and seen it all.  We have worked with some very good employees in so many places.

The staff at Bumper’s Landing is the best of the best!

The just work so very hard.  They like each other and support each other, which makes everything go.  There have been reviews where service at Bumper’s Landing has been skewered for their service.

I wonder why?

Drop three hundred people on an unsuspecting staff, all at once on a Saturday night, and see how a normal staff would react.  Well, these superheroes do all that they can to handle the situation, go above and beyond what is normal, and they do it each and every night.

It is almost expected how hard they work at Bumper’s.  I think many people take them for granted, because of how easy they make everything look.

Trust me, “It ain’t easy!”

We see it over and over again.  They never stop, they never slow down and they never give in.  Trouble customers, unruly customers, and downright pain-in-the-ass customers; they handle them all.

From the cooks and busboys right up to the owner, they all do an outstanding job.  Always with the customers in mind, and always going above and beyond what they are paid for.

The real reason that we are there is the owner and his wife.  Two of the greatest people we have ever met.  They do everything they can to make Bumper’s the best establishment that it can be.  We see it in all the things that go on there.

They are always creating events that make the customers want to come back, over and over again.

All great leaders are visionaries.

They see things that others cannot.  It is a rare gift, and one that when used wisely can accomplish much.  His wife is beautiful, smart and savvy.  She possesses a keen eye for business and a great rapport with the staff.  Together, there is really nothing that they cannot accomplish.

Carl and I have played in many places over the years, where the owner or proprietor, is hardly visible to us at all.  We come, we work our hearts out, and never get any type of feedback or dialog what about our efforts.  It is very frustrating, since we need to know how we are perceived by the patrons and also the staff.  As I have written before, our job is to represent the venue we are playing at.  To keep the customers happy, entertained and wishing to return.  When we get no word of wether or not we accomplished that goal can be extremely frustrating to us.

At Bumper’s the owner supports us 100%, and makes sure that we are always taken care of.  He has our backs and makes us feel like family.  Personally, and as entertainers, it is the greatest feeling in the world.  He knows that we would go the extra mile for him and his staff, and frequently do.

Bumper’s Landing has been our summer home for three years now, and while we will be back through the long winter, we always will be awaiting that summer sun, those tall glasses, and that crazy patio!





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