Some things are eternal.

And it seems to us that The Three Blind Mice in downtown Mount Clemens, Michigan is one of them.


Kind of a strong word don’t you think?

Well, when you consider that the building the “Mouse” now occupies has been dispensing alcohol to the local constituents for more than one hundred years now, it certainly is fitting.

Some things are simply, timeless.

Certain fashions never go out of style.  Bikini’s, bluejeans, Yoga pants for example.

Some watches, some art and of course, some music.  I would call artists who have written songs that were popular fifty or sixty years ago, and are still being sung and recorded today, as timeless.

That is our goal as well, Carl and I.

To last.

To endure.  To be, timeless in our art and in our craft.  The is why we hand select the music that we perform to be songs we believe will stand the test of time.

Sure there are a multitude of songs that have a lot of flash and get plenty of attention from the media.  But in the end, they will be forgotten and fall into that place that all music without substance forever dwells.  Forgotten and unsung.

We take a much different approach.  We sing the music to the soundtrack of people’s lives.

The songs that they shared.  The songs that played when they were down, and picked them back up.  The songs that gave them joy unexpected.  The songs that mean something, and meant something to them for one reason or another.

Songs that lift up, not tear down.

We sing music that enriches people’s lives, not imprisons them in fear, loathing, hatred and guilt.

With two simple guitars in our hands, we can communicate so many positive emotions that by the nights’ end, people actually go home feeling good about themselves, rather than mired in the troubles and tribulations of our withering world.

It is our fifth autumn as we took the stage at the TBM this evening.  Beginning slowly and carefully as the diners in front of us, we’re hardly even beginning to digest their meals.  We didn’t wish to scare anyone.

So, we sing careful and calmly; saving the dramatic songs for later.  A little soft boat music.  Some heartfelt Segar to connect.

Once our musical feet were firmly planted on the ground, it was time to stretch our musical wings a bit.  Entertaining in this intimate environment affords us the ability to play pretty much anything that we could possibly imagine.

The B sides from some artists.  The eclectic hits that maybe didn’t get as much attention as the big songs, but are every bit as good.

Sometimes artists and songwriters conform to the normal type of current music, in order to establish their careers.  However, once they have a musical foothold, they can introduce music that is more personal and introspective to their captive audiences.

Some of these songs are our favorites.  Not B sides so much as songs that the artist was more passionate about.

The people at Three Blind Mice are always so supportive of all our musical ideas, that we can jump right in to just about anything and be appreciated.

Something about the room and the atmosphere gives us the ability to play just about anything.  As long as it have passion and honesty in it.

We played Irish for a while, then country, pop rock and folk.

We were having a blast. By then we had the audience, and when they were smiling and singing along, it was quite apparent that we could play just about anything at that point.

People gathering together to share their lives with others is timeless.  So is good music, and people who share it with others.

We hope to be able to do it for more years to come.  And do it well.


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