Sometimes, it is the best of friends that save the day.  It happens, in books; it happens in movies and on TV, and sometimes it happens in real life, too.

Doesn’t really matter where you are or what you are doing.  It can even be something very insignificant, really.  But when good friends share in the experience, it is always better.

That is just how we felt last Friday night, as we were surrounded by good friends who came to support us at The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub, in historic, downtown Mount Clemens.

With the holiday week coming to an end, the weekend was destined to be much quieter that we were used to.  As we arrived at the pub, and scanned the parking lot, as we are prone to do.  “Going to be a lean night.”, it seemed.

The Mice, however, seems to always bring them in.  Wether for a drink, an ale or just some good ole fashioned, “fellowship”, it has been a destination in Mt. Clemens since its’ opening.

On this night, there was a good crowd already beginning their night of relaxing.  Contentment was everywhere, as Carl and I set up our equipment.  It took a little longer, since there was a large group having dinner right where we were supposed to be entertaining.

Finally ready to play, we we’re pleasantly surprised by three groups of friends arriving to share their night with us.

One group of boaters, who make life on land just as fun as they do on the waves.

One couple of dear friends from Alpena, who drive down just to hear us play.  I really don’t believe that there can be any higher honor than that.

And, one couple of celebrities, who shun the spotlight.  Not wanting the paparazzi to document their orchestrating of our entire society as we know it.

It is so wonderful to be able to play for good friends that I can hardly communicate the feeling.  They are our connection and continuity to the world we value.

Though we began our first set as we usually do, straightforward and calm, we began entertaining out of the box, pretty soon down the musical road.

Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what we play, when friends are in the house.  You know that they will like it, and give you great feedback.  But mostly, they just want to share their support for us and what we are doing.

Taking requests is always more fun when friends are involved.  It gives them a chance to share in the fun of having people try and stump us, musically.  It happens, but not often.

We really enjoyed the first two sets, and when the third rolled around, our friend Patrick sat in with us to share his great vocal talents.  Patrick shared an Eagles ballad, and then finished the set off with Country Roads, by the legendary, John Denver.

What a great time we had!

So much fun to have someone join the group for a song or two.  When it’s right, the patrons simply love it!

In the end, we had a pretty good night at the Mice, even being a few days after the big Thanksgiving whirlwind.

We’ll take it.

Right now, there are no dates written in stone of us returning the the Three Blind Mice.  We hope that things work out, and are optimistic.

The best thing about this night, however, was our friends and the great friendships that we hold dear.  We have some wonderful people who have supported us over the many years.  They can’t always be at our shows, but we know that they are there in spirit.  We are very lucky, Carl and I.

Very lucky indeed.


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