In December there is much in the air, and most of it is not even snow.

People are in motion everywhere, in every direction, all at once.  Folks are trying to be part of so many things, all condensed into two weeks right before arguably the biggest holiday of the year.

Our job during this season in particular, is to relieve the stress that everyone feels.

We try and do it with music.

What better way to relax and unwind than to sit and share an adult beverage, maybe something appetizing to eat, all while listening to some of your favorite music?

Sounds great, right?

The only problem with this theory, is that most of us, “on the go” don’t take the time to do any of that.  They don’t stop, they don’t sit and they don’t really take any time for themselves to relax, unpack and unwind.

Just too busy.

Too much to do, in too short an amount of time to do it.

Translation: Our nights of entertainment in December, during the approaching holidays are more limited in the amount of patrons we have the opportunity to reach with our music.

Translation: Some of the nights can be very slow.

It is so very difficult for an owner of a bar, pub or establishment to plan for this time of year.   Not knowing the numbers or possibilities that may exist that night must be very frustrating. They have to have the staff and support of a full venue, and sometimes, when it does not materialize, they need to be able to roll with the changes.

All of the well-run establishments know how to do it, and do it very well.

Carl and I arrived at Bumper’s Landing, in Harrison Township about an hour or so before we needed to play, and realized that it might be a lean night.

After all, it was cold and dark and a time of year that was more than not like a holiday present:  You can look at or hold it, but you really don’t know what you have gotten until you open it up.

We set up and were ready to entertain right on schedule.  Each guitar in tune and decibel level adjusted for the greatest amount of musical pleasure.  All we needed at that point were people to entertain.

Slow to begin, it appeared to be a night that might provide for more one-on-one interaction than on other nights.  This can be really fun when Carl and I focus on certain groups of people, individuals or tables that delight in the interaction of the request and instant gratification.  It can be.

That is really one of our strengths; our “close-up” entertaining.  (That’s a show business term that most street magicians are very familiar with).

People come in and sit very close to use at Bumper’s which we love.  The interaction between us and the patrons makes for a wonderful experience, most nights.

On this night however, people were tired and worn down.  You could see it everywhere.  The music was enjoyed and truly appreciated as always, but was not heard for very long.

What few patrons there were finished their drinks, dinner and delights and evaporated into the cold winter night.

Sometimes it happens, and this night was one of those nights.  We set up, played two sets and tore down our gear to retreat for another day.

We love Bumper’s and realize that some nights are just not meant to be.  This was just such a night.

Ahhhh, the life of a rockstar!



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