By now you realize that we never know what to expect when we play Bumper’s Landing.

Last Saturday night was no exception.

As we pulled into the parking lot, we were amazed at a huge party bus arriving at just about the very same time.

It had all the markings of a bus that can be charted in Hamtramck Michigan, but we had no way to be certain.  Although we still are not sure just where it came from, we do know of its destination.

All of this was unknown to us when it first arrived around seven O’clock on Saturday. No matter, we have long ago learned to just roll with whatever might be happening that day or night.

They were arriving, two at a time, all shapes and sizes with one thing in common; they were all bound and determined to have a memorable time.

You pretty much know that its going to be an interesting night when you look over and a girl is sitting in on keyboards and singing Backstreet Boys, and we hadn’t even started yet.


Yep, it was that kind’ night, they were hot right out of the gate.
Jumping, shouting, singing and commanding the Tamborine.

Apparently, they were hockey people from Saint Claire Shores, (hockey people are the best!), who were touring several fine, local establishments on this particular evening.

How lucky we were included on their tour.

It was a wild start to the evening for sure, even our tip jar became a casualty.  Oh well, the life of a rock star!

It’s always the people that make our night, as I have said, many, many times.  This night was no exception as the hockey moms and dads really took over the place.  It was all in good fun actually, since all Carl and I could do at that point was just to stand back and stay out of the way.

They were looking for fun, and knew exactly how to recognize it.

The first two sets were a whirlwind of up-tempo classic rock hits from several decades of music.  Each was met with the appropriate amount of energy and enjoyment.

We didn’t even slow things down until the end of the second set, when it was apparent that some couples were looking for a way to snuggle. (without having to purchase a room).

People sure know how to have a good time at Bumper’s Landing.  They feel at home and able to let go without any fear of being judged.  It’s very evident that anyone looking to have a good time need not look any further.

We were all sad when the magic bus began to fill and drive away with our crowd.

Since it was the night before the super bowl, the people, unfortunately did not stay around as long as we would have liked.  However, we hope that they all had  such a great time, they will be back to eat, drink and play the Tamborine again some day soon!


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