It’s going to be an amazing summer at Bumper’s Landing!

Trouble is, the summer hasn’t quite arrived yet.  Oh, we’re ready all right; ready as we’ll ever be.

The only problem is Mother Nature isn’t quite there yet.

Don’t check the calendar, check the thermometer.

Just when we think that old man winter has loosened his grip, BAM! we get knocked back to reality by the Bomb Cyclone of 2019!

Yes, I realize that everybody gripes about the weather, but no one really does anything about it; but that’s not going to stop me from lamenting the fact that if the weather would even semi-cooperate, we might have some people to entertain.

As it was however, it was a very slow night.  We did get the chance to chat with some great people again.  (The up-side to a slow night).  However, in the end, with everyone involved, it would be nice to have a big crowd come by and take full advantage of the hard-working staff that was in place and ready to handle the crowd.

Time and time again we have lamented the fact that at Bumper’s Landing . . . we never know what is about to happen on any given day.

Located on the water, Bumper’s is at the whim of the “lake effect”.  Whatever weather conditions are prevalent, greatly effect wether people come out and stop by.

On a sunny summer-like day, our Michigan beaches and waterways are swelling with potential patrons, sometimes lined up five boats deep.  But, when the winter months arrive, and all the boats are docked, it becomes much more difficult to get customers to drive the long way out to the lake to lift a beer.

When the big thaw begins, they will be back and ready to soak up the sun; but until then, while the weather is hit or miss, so then are our nights.  Frustrating to be sure, but all part of the life of a rock star.

We set up early, eagerly preparing for an evening designed to share our musical talents.  Adjusting each nuance, string and volume knob until it was time to share our first melody.

The diners were ready to be entertained, and we were more than ready to oblige.  As usual, Jimmy Buffett was the ambassador wee chose to greet the first listeners.  A time-honored Bob and Carl tradition that pre-dates actual time itself.

Easily enjoyed, it was then up to us to follow that one up with another crowd pleaser.  After some cowboy music rattled the rafters, the word came to us that it was time to inquire just what to do with a certain drunken sailor.

Nothing could possibly have pleased us more.  Sure we played some Irish, and then another and then another for good measure.

Blasting right into a great set of oldies before anyone knew what hit them, gave us the confidence to try some songs that weren’t as easily recognizable.

We played some Bob Dylan and some Beatles music that maybe didn’t receive the amount of attention that they should have in the pantheon of musical greatness.  (When it is slower, we have a little more latitude to steer the evening in a completely different direction.)

The crowd seemed appreciative, as they usually are at Bumper’s Landing.  They are very happy people, remember.  (we’ve talked about this.)

As the night wore on, and the alcohol paved the way for plenty of poor decisions, the weather outside refused to give up on its winter-like impersonation of a cold dark, dreary house guest.  One that you can tolerate for a few hours, but in the end excuse yourself early to rid yourself of.

So when eleven rolled around we found ourselves bereft of all but the heartiest of customers.  It was a wonderful evening, but time to pack things up and head home.

Our next visit to Bumper’s will be a just a little bit closer to the coming of spring.  We are so over that old man winter that if he shows his ugly head, we might just ignore him all together.

His power is waning, and let’s face it, we have songs to sing!







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