Just down the street  . . .


. . . . is your friendly neighborhood bar.

That probably can be said for just about any city street in America, but in Mount Clemens, this particular bar is special.

Why, you might ask?

The Green Tree Tavern, circa 1905Well, this bar has been dispensing liquor, refreshments and fellowship, in the same spot for more than one hundred years!

Think about that . . .

When carl and I were born, (way back in the fifties), this bar had already been serving its fellow man and woman for over a half century.

As if that by itself isn’t amazing enough, consider the fact that while most everything in our society has changed: automobiles in stead of horses, supersonic jets and drones in stead of propellor airplanes, the information revolution in stead of books and newspapers . . .

. . . our need to gather together to talk about or lives has not.

Something about sharing a pint just brings people from all walks of life together.

When alcohol is flowing, any of the worlds troubles and woes can be solved.  Or so it may seem.  It’s theThree Blind Mice Irish Pub, circa 2013 promise of clarity and coherence that binds like minds and sets them on the task of righting all the worlds’ wrongs.

We see it every night from our vantage point under the bright lights of the stage.  People working as one to solve all the riddles before their drinks are dry.

Lucky for us, we provide the sound track to the solution.

If only the worlds’ leaders would come down from their lofty perches to walk among us common people, they would certainly learn a lot.  They might even have the daunting issues of world hunger, climate change and most government boondoggles resolved in one afternoon.

Well, we’ll be here at the Mice, sipping a brew and solving all the world’s problems.  We might even share a story, a joke or a song.

The world can be a cruel place if you choose to go it alone.  Why do that?  Stop by your local neighborhood pub or watering hole.

If it wasn’t the solution, then why was your great grandfather here sharing a pint?


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