What makes a “Perfect night”, you might ask?

Well, as you can imagine, our definition is probably different than anyone else’s. For one thing, NOTHING can go wrong.

Even as we arrived and found Bumper’s Landing nearly overflowing with cars and people, there was still a spot for Carl and I to unload and set up our equipment.


Once inside, we noticed all of the new staff, running smoothly on all cylinders; set and ready for the summer.


Room to set up and plenty of familiar, smiling faces belonging to folks we have spent many pleasant evening entertaining in the past.


The sounds of hustle, bustle and laughter.  The smell of plentiful great smelling food.  Beer and pretty girls. . .


The stage was set for a great evening all right.  All we needed to do was to give it a nudge down the hill.


Not waiting for another moment, we began the night officially with some Jimmy Buffett, followed quickly by the Eagles and more up-tempo tunes.  The bar was electric and everyone was ready to party as a group.

I honestly believe that nothing could have gone wrong on a night like this when the stars seemed to be aligned in the heavens.

We met lots and lots of new people, all having a wonderful time.  The feed-back was positive and overwhelming.  Whatever were are doing, all we needed to do was to keep doing it.

All night long . . .

More and more music, more and more dancing, and drinking, and going back and forth, in and out and up and even down!

What a wild, perfect night.

Sometimes it’s fun, doing what we do.  Sometimes, it’s rewarding.  Sometimes its trouble, and always it’s a lot of hard work.

But, sometimes, its a night just like this, when everything is perfect.

And that is what we live for.  We hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the night as much as we did.  Always trying to do all that we can to please people and bring them back for more.

Sometimes we fail . . .  but not often.

Sometimes we connect, sometimes we inspire and sometimes we just play the soundtrack to people’s lives.

Fine by us.

Then, every once in a while, where comes a night just like this.

Perfect in every way.  We’ll remember this nights and hope to have many more just like it.

If we do . . .

. . . . well, that will just be perfect!


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