Looking back on that night, I still smile enjoying the wonderful people that Carl and I were lucky enough to get the chance to meet.

The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in downtown Mount Clemens, Michigan can be a very friendly abode.  People just like it, and feel a welcoming that never really dissipates.

I hear stories of folks who have not been back in a couple of years, but eventually find their way back to have an evening of enjoyment all over again.

Great news to us, and very heartwarming as well.

When you think about it, that is what Carl and I do; everything within our power to foster an atmosphere of fun, relaxation and heartfelt entertainment.

We give all we can to please the patrons and give them just one more reason to come back and visit.

Friday night was fun once again because of the people.  When we sit down and talk music with the patrons its always enjoyable.  What they love, what they listen to and what songs have carved a special place in their hearts, minds and lives.

Always interesting to hear about how music weaves it’s way into people’s being.

We chatted with a principal, an auto worker and a professional photographer; each one, having a great time, and each one with their own personal favorite musical requests.

The fun is finding just that perfect connection with people.  That, musical connection.

Playing the songs that they hold dear for whatever reason, gives us great joy.  Sometimes their love for a song or certain artist will open up an entire conversation that shines light on an entire interesting life.

We have learned over the years to try and not be shy when we are entertaining.  It’s not easy, as neither one of us is really naturally outgoing.

But only when we take the time to interact with people are we rewarded in finding out a treasure-trove of amazing thoughts and musical incites.

We spend many nights playing gigs where there are so many people that we only get to visit with them for a mere moment or two.  It is a pleasant change to have a night when we can spend the better part of an entire evening, getting to know some amazing couples, who share their love of all things musical and memorable.

Entertaining can be many things, but it is usually, always something different.

It is up to us to recognize what’s right there in front of us.  Only a table-for-two away!



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