The Legendary Bob and Carl have a new home . . . introducing, the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub, in downtown Mount Clemens, Michigan! Yes indeed; we were there on the first night that the doors “un-officially” opened for the TBMIP. It was a little over a month ago now, but that very first weekend, (Their “soft” opening), cemented us in the coveted Friday night entertainment spot at our new favorite place. Everyone who comes to listen agrees, “It’s just a perfect fit!” This is the venue that we were born to play. There aren’t enough good things to say about this pub: the food, the atmosphere and the electricity can be felt, each and every night. Knowing that the best, and most interesting blend of music can be heard on a nightly basis only sweetens the deal when you are wondering where to spend your evening in Macomb County. Its the type of place that you feel at home the very first time that you walk through the door. The rich woodwork, brick, glass and tasteful accents speak to your soul like no other place before. Seemingly transported from Ireland to Mount Clemens, there can be little doubt the three men who’s vision can now be seen materialized at Market and Gratiot, in “The Clem”, had it right, all along. Bob and Carl now entertain every Friday night, beginning at 7:00 PM downstairs. While upstairs, promises an never ending array of the best entertainment the metro Detroit area can provide. Every customer that we have asked beamed about the food, when prompted. Maybe, some night, it will even slow down enough for us to give it a try. Now if you are thirsty . . . . Oh my! Are you in for a treat. “Pick your poison!” it has been said. So, if you have to go; make it right here. With hundreds of selections at arms’ length, served by the best wait-staff in the business; you can understand why even after such a short time being open, the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub is drawing rave reviews from everyone. So, Friday night, I hope that we can count on seeing you. Spend an evening of good food, great drinks and mediocre entertainment, with the Lengendary Bob and Carl at the TBMIP!

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