the Classic summer - july, 2022

Just what we needed, just WHEN we needed it!

That’s how I would describe this summer, in a nutshell.  July came back to us so much like an icon of every classic summer we remember as a child.  Hot, fun, and never-ending!

Carl and I both savored each and every moment.  The sights the sounds, the connections.  All just what we craved to feel like we were making a difference in people’s lives again.  Ok, that might be a silly sentiment, but I caution you to believe it is everything that I mean it to be.

In our position, at our age, we tend to cherish every opportunity to share our talents with the many folks that we are lucky enough to play for.  Maybe that’s why I’ve said before, “Their might be more talented bands, but no other band works harder than we do!”  and  truly believe it to this day.  Most everything we will remember of this July is Bumper’s Landing.  Each and every weekend we were able to share or musical gifts with so many amazing people, that when we actually stopped for a moment to take a breath, all we could do was to smile.

I know Carl and think that we help do a lot to make Bumper’s thrive.  Truth is, it’s not us much at all.  From the owner right down to the bus boys, everyone is busting their tails to make this business the very best it can be.  There are other places we all know that are simply on cruise control at this point; not Bumper’s Landing!

From the first moment the staff arrives until the very last broom-full of refuse is picked up in the late night hours, everyone is giving their all.  I honestly don’t know how they do it, day in and day out.  We are always so amazed to see how hard great people can work to accomplish the same goal; by putting customers first!

We all do our part, that’s for sure.  Our part is to sing; and we sing just for you!

Always fun, always interesting, and never dull, we can’t wait to return each and every Saturday afternoon.  We try and take time to connect with the patrons, but it is an area that we need to improve.  Both Carl and I are inherently shy, so that makes it difficult.  Fortunately, sharing our music with them gives us an avenue to connect in a personal way, so that a conversation is welcomed when it is available.

Another wonderful moment happened this July at Cass Lake, in West Bloomfield.  We were invited to a house party right on the water, and it happened to be by some cherished friends who were in town from Colorado.  We spent the afternoon re-connecting and enjoying the sun, the sights and the summer in ways that we hadn’t dreamed of in years.

Finally we feel the utopia of a vail that has been lifted on us all.  Summer is here, in full force, and we are here to say, “It’s about time!”