Yes, its summer, and what a summer it has been.

It began a bit cool, but has warmed up nicely into as perfect a summer as anyone can remember.  All we needed to do at this point was to steer things in the right direction, with our music.  Got it!

Summer allows us the musical freedom that we sometimes don’t get in other seasons of the year.  Summer is more laid-back; more reeeee-laxing.

To paraphrase Gershwin – “Summer time  . . . . . an the living’ is easy!

With the advent of summer, comes a myriad of musical memories, all stored and ready to be re-awakened; all it takes is one musical line or melody, and all of those memories come flooding back.


Memories of relaxing on the beach with friends; exploring the scenic bounty of our country, or cruising with your best girl.

All of those forgotten thoughts and feelings, once lost, can be re-ignited by simply hearing the music that was imprinted on them when created.  Funny how that works.  How a song, or a smell or a sight can tap into feelings in a way that goes beyond conscious thought.  Almost primal in the responses that they mine.

This summer, for us, has brought back many memories, already.  Memories of playing many wonderful shows over the years.  Picnics, weddings, gatherings and events.  Wonderful memories that we have created, playing and giving of our youth, in the service of song.

Though we have enjoyed the re-telling of each musical recollection, we have also been making some fresh, new ones this summer, as well as re-connecting with some old friends.

We have played at the Three Bind Mice, the Shelby Art Fair and various camp fires and back yards throughout the state.

Join us on the last phase of our summer celebration.

There is still plenty of time to make memories we will be sharing for summers to come.  Why not join us?




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