On Thursday of last week, (later that evening, after we played Marshbank Metropark), Carl and I returned to our home-away-from-home, The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub, in Mount Clemens, Michigan.  However, this time it wasn’t for the usual reason, in the usual place, on the usual night in the usual way.  (sounds, unusual, right?).

Ryan Taylor and Kelsy Dettloff were to be married.

We were to play for the rehearsal dinner at The Mice.  They did, and we did, and we had a wonderful time.

We arrived earlier in the day to load in the equipment.  It was quiet at the Mice, but cordial, as the friendly staff was eager to help in any way that they could.

So we loaded our equipment up the long stairway to the big stage upstairs.  We have seen lots and lots of acts upstairs, but have never gotten the chance to play there ourselves.

One thing that I didn’t expect was how good the sound was in that location.  Meaning . . . how it sounded to us.

We have learned, over the years that all great music venues have incredible musical/architectural characteristics.  (Translation), in the old Macomb theater, (which was built by the same company who built Carnage Hall), you could stand at the back of the last row of seats, and actually hear a pin drop on stage.  The acoustics were that good.

The big stage, upstairs at the Three Blind Mice, is every bit as acoustically sound.

We could hear everything.  Ourselves, the audience, the boos and even clinking glasses downstairs.  Incredible.

We played for a few hours.  First, low key dinner music.  Then the pace picked up as the food was consumed, and the drinks were flowing.

What a wonderful group of friends and relatives.  They all seemed to enjoy each other, as the night progressed.  Rare when an entire assembly of people seem to so genuinely enjoy each others’ company.  That translates to a smooth, happy night for us.

After the dinner was finished and the drinks took their desired effect, it was time for the toasting and boasting about the future of this amazing couple.

As for the toasting, it was warm and playful.  Some jokes, some ribbing and lots of visions of their long future together.

As for the boasting . . .   well lets just say that it can be quiet refreshing to view the world through the eyes of the young, or in some cases, the young at heart.

Time to crank up the music.  we did.  They did.  We even played their “entering the reception” music, for the them to practice too.

All in all, it was a great time.  Well rehearsed, well planned and well enjoyed.

As our last song ebbed, to close the long day, the dreaded shouts of, “Encore!” rang through the pub. . .

Carl offered, “Since Ryan was marrying a Disney princess . . . would you like to hear a Disney song?”

They did, and so we ended the wonderful night of this long day, playing “Under The Sea”, to an excited group of young nearly-newlyweds.

What I will never forget . . .

as the song ended, one of the groomsmen yelled . . . “Best encore ever!”

Yes, yes it was.

Note: After you enjoy the picture, click below on the links that will take you to the wedding!

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Here is the link to their engagement website


Update:  The wedding was more of the wonderful, happy, hopeful same!  Nothing but good things ahead for these two kids!  See for yourself, as we include some pictures from their big day.

The Wedding of Ryan & Kelsy



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