It seems like people are already in “Holiday Mode”, as the fall winds and cooler temps put an icy grip on our summer hearts.  We all know that it is so much colder and darker than we can willfully tolerate, yet at the same time there is really not much we can do about it.

So . . .  “Let’s Dance!”

Ok, maybe that’s an oversimplification of how we all reacted last Friday night at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mount Clemens, but it IS how lots of us felt.

Folks were in an festive mood as the night unfolded and the music, food and ale turned the cold and dark gloom into a warm, wonderful party atmosphere conducive for an early celebration.

Carl and I met some wonderful people from several different cities, all enjoying the Pub’s unique vibe.  There were some from Royal Oak, some from Centerline and others from closer locals, all coming together as one as the infectious music gathered them up.

After everyone got more comfortable with the atmosphere, and after some tables were moved, patrons felt the desire to do some dancing to express their holiday mood.  After all, there is a short work-week looming on the horizon, and we all need a break; right?

With all the dancing, singing and even some cuddling (curtesy of Elvis Presley) happening downstairs; what about the second floor of the Mouse house?

Upstairs Rock It Science was doing what THEY do best.  Rockin’ it!  People up there were dancing all night, from start to finish.  Rock it Science knows how to play, and that is maybe an understatement. You can tell what a great job they do, by simply looking at the happy, rev’d up satisfied partiers.

It was a very good night, a triumphant return for Bob and Carl.  It was the unofficial beginning to the well deserved holiday season.  And, we all believe, it will only get better from here.


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