Roseville is quietly, coming into its own.  If you need further proof, I offer the brand spanking new senior center addition at eleven and Gratiot.

A beautiful new facility, and a wonderful old friend.

Mary Grant, whom Carl and I have worked for through the Eastpointe recreation department for nearly thirty years, now has a brand new office in Roseville.

She was a wonderful surprise as Carl and I arrived to entertain the guests from the community after the official ribbon was cut to open the new facility.

After speeches were offered and proclamations were proclaimed, the ribbon gave way to the inpouring of excited friends, family and well-wishers who gathered from far and wide.

While the spotlight was on the new facility and its promise, we did all we could to entertain and give the evening some panache!

We played our signature line-up of musical variety.  Everything from country to pop-rock and Irish were fair game.  We even trotted out our Jimmy Buffett, to the delight of the wide-eyed dignitaries as well as the delighted downtown dwellers.

The time went by fast.  We played for lots of happy folks, and even saw another old friend in attendance.

John Fitzsimmons, best friend of Gary Miller.  (The man who got us in one of our first bands, Superman) was in the house.

It was a very good afternoon.  But it was only an precursor to what lay ahead.  After three hours of playing, it was off to the Three Bind Mice, to do it all again, in just one hour.

It might be tight; but Carl and I love a good challenge.  Better stay tuned to find out if we make it or not . . .


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