We expected a great night at Bumper’s Landing, in Harrison Twp. on the river, but on this night we got even more than we imagined.

Even just walking up to the bar, you could already sense the party atmosphere in the air.  Happy smiles, laughing and dancing patrons, all out for one more night of summer fun, before anyone reminds them that technically, summer is over.

No one here cares.  Fall, as summer or even spring is as good a time to party as any other, when you are a boater in Michigan.

Setting up is interesting enough in the place, as we are right on the edge of the river, in an gazebo that it dedicated to the high-octane, laid-back cool-calm, fun atmosphere at Bumper’s.

People sitting, talking arriving and embarking from the boats that line up to be a part of the evenings’ fun and entertainment.

On the particular Saturday night, we were the ones that were entertained, it seems.  For as we were setting up, we met the legendary owner and proprietor of Bumper’s, Paul.

Paul, whom I thought was a bus-boy at first; as he cleaned up around us and asked if he could make us at home with a bucket of complimentary beers.

We couldn’t believe that in this day and age of corporate mentality, someone as important as he, could also be so personable and caring.

What a amazing owner.

And the night would get even better . . .

After beginning at 6:00, Carl and I played a set that included every type of music that the diners could imagine.  Singing for more than an hour, as the boats and people continued to pour in.  One of those boats contained a group of men that included hockey hall-of-fame legend Dino Ciccarelli.

Dino made the night for us.  As big hockey fans, we had watched Dino play with great fire, for the Detroit Red Wings and before that with the Minnesota North Stars.

One of the most dynamic and irascible, forwards in the modern era of the Nation Hockey League.

But to us, he was just one of our pals, as we hung out between sets and commented on the atmosphere around us.

We were having a great time playing everyone’s favorite hit songs from many eras, and then things got even more interesting.

Dino found us after our fourth set, and began quizzing us if we knew any music by a buddy of his . . .  “Do you know any of Matt’s music”  Well, we did, as in fact we play a couple songs each night.  Matt, of course was the legendary, Uncle Cracker!

Local hero from Harrison Twp. who made the big time in the recording industry.

Dino, it seemed wanted Matt to sing with us, but it wasn’t going to happen.  Uncle Cracker wasn’t working on this night.  He was just holding court in the men’s bathroom, hanging with friends and enjoying some down-time after finishing a big tour.

Yeah, we do the same thing.  Even without those two celebrities, it was an amazing summer night at Bumper’s.

Can’t wait until the next one!


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