“On a Wednesday night in Mt. Clemens . . . “

Ok, most classic novels haven’t begun with those exact words.  However, I am here to tell you that last night, we were all players in an modern-day fairy tale that unfolded right in front of our eyes!

Carl and I were lucky enough to be asked to entertain at the rehearsal dinner of Alex and Kara.  Two great kids who happened to hear us a while back, right here at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub, in Mt. Clemens.

On the night that they first heard us, (click guitar guitarto re-live it . . . ), they seemed to enjoy most everything that we played.  I guess in their hearts, they were “old School” when it came to music.  Beatles, Stones, Creedence and all the other “Classic” music of our the ages.

Right up our alley, as they say.

We hit it off that night; and soon word got back to us that we were to be asked to play their rehearsal dinner.  Actually, quite an honor for us.  And, because the entire wedding party and family was so nice to us; we were really looking forward to being part of their upcoming nuptials.

Allison, one of the managers of the Three Blind Mice, met us on the second floor as we climbed the long stairway to set up. We could tell how excited she was to be co-ordinating the special night.  Almost as excited a we were.

As the guests arrived, we could tell how much fun the evening was going to be.  Smiles, smiles everywhere we looked.  People that were enjoying things so much already really couldn’t have their evening ruined by us, now could they?

Ok, don’t answer that.

Anyway . . .  we started early, since everyone was in place and ready to enjoy the night. Trying to hit all of their favorites, we began with some Eagles music.  Not too fast, not too slow, not too loud, not too soft.

After breaking the musical ice, we began to explore some of the other legendary bands that were suggested.  Each song seemed to hit the mark, with smiles, applause and accompanied vocal support.

The drinks flowed, the food arrived and there were couples exploring the dance floor.  It was a magical night for everyone.

During our break, Carl and I got the chance to talk with many of the guests.  They seemed very content.  I learned that I coached the groom many, many years ago in the YMCA ‘Bitty Basketball program over in Shelby.  Must be why he turned out to be such a great guy!  They were also, both students of Fraser Public Schools, where I work.  Small world.

As the night unfolded and the alcohol did too; we had one of the group come up and sit in with us, as we attempted to play “Hotel California” by the Eagles.

Everyone loved it, and cheered each and every chord he played!

Nothing could better that song, but somehow we found a way.  As we launched into a Garth Brooks‘ favorite, the groom jumped up and stage and grabbed the mic!

We were so glad that he did.  He was amazing as his voice filled the room with that old country anthem from the 90’s!!!

Since nothing could top that, we didn’t even try.  We were just very glad that we were given the chance to share in this wonderful couples’ life together.

A classic union that will last as long as the classic music they love.


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