Today, we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

We returned to Flat Rock’s annual Riverfest this Sunday afternoon to entertain some of the most appreciative people we have ever had the great fortune to played for.

The weather was picture perfect, (to start), and the setting was just as picturesque.   On a sunny September afternoon, what place could be better to take the entire family?

Everywhere you looked you could see revelers enjoying this amazing day.  Families were out sampling the food, the drinks, the rides, the atmosphere and the wonderful entertainment, all around them.  Smiles were as plentiful as popcorn.

It was our job on this, the final day of Riverfest, to bridge the entertainment gap during the time it took one band to finish and the next one to begin.

Carl and I played under the calm and quiet of the Riverfest beer tent.  People sat, relaxed and enjoyed the music while sipping on the latest micro-brew.

This idyllic setting needed nothing more than music and a simple desire to retreat from the world, to be the perfect lasting memory.  We could do the music part, that is, with a little help from some very talented bands.

In Flatrock, they love their country music, their rock and even their rock ‘n roll.  No wonder we fit in so well there.  Even the mayor comes out to enjoy the day while glad-handing his contented constituents.

The prefect formula for us is a light day of entertaining and interacting with other local bands, then taking in the event and enjoying some relaxation both mental, physical and liquid all.

To begin, Carl and I set up in the roomy beer tent to the left of the stage and adjacent to the VIP tent on the other side.  The “courtyard” in the middle was a perfect place to listen to whatever band was playing.  They have scheduled continuos entertainment throughout the weekend, an idea that is entirely focussed on the enjoyment factor.

When we arrived, The Roosters were belting out the rock music. Heavy on the Tom Petty, they had everyone that was listening, tapping their toes with musical enjoyment.  Another good local band, it was a perfect way to begin music at the park.  The played for an hour as the sound of whirling amusement rides filled in the quiet moments between rock favorites.

As soon as their set was complete, Carl and I fired up the Bob and Carl machine.  Just a few tables gathered in the big beer tent, but on a day like this, it was nice to play no matter if it were ten or ten thousand.

After a short set, it was time to give way to a very young and talented Athen’s Creek band.  Their forte was doing the young country hits in their own semi-acoustic style.  Everything they did sounded great, and soon more and more people were finding their way over to the music area of the park to take a listen.

As they finished, it was once again time for us to show the crowd a little different way of approaching relaxation town. It was right there in front of them, but simply needed the acoustic road map that only we could provide.

After an hour of sing-a-long songs, done just right on this sunny afternoon, we got the word that the next group was running a little late.  That was really our sue to play another half hour.  No problem.   It was so enjoyable, we felt that we could have played all afternoon in the park.

Eventually, the final band took the stage to put the finishing touches on entertainment that had been running nearly none-stop all weekend long.

Crush came all the way from Toronto to share their tribute to the legendary Bon Jovi band.

They assaulted the stage with their talent and musicianship, totally dominating the attention of every enthusiastic fan in attendance. If you closed your eyes, it would have been nearly impossible to tell the difference between Crush and Jon Bon Jovi as hit after hit was offered and enjoyed during their two hour set.

We were heading home, knowing that we did all we could to help the park goes from Flatrock have the very best time possible.

We certainly hope to be able to do it all again next year, as this concert ushered in annually the fall season, and bids adieu to a summer that will some day take on mystical status.


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