If you know anything about our summer gigs for the last, say, thirty years, you will know that Carl and I have played each and every Memorial Day – Fourth of July – Labor Day at The Great Oaks Golf and Country Club, in Rochester Michigan.

Its been pretty close to thirty years now that we have been asked back there on those dates, and we have enjoyed it immensely.

This year, for the fourth, Great Oaks, went with a DJ.  (Thats music entertainment jargon for a Disk Jockey).  (Now, don’t ask me what a “disk” is, because I simply don’t remember!)

Anyway, since we were no longer scheduled to work at the Oaks, we thought that we would take the good people at Bumper’s Landing up on their invitation to stop by there for the 4th and entertain.

They are so very good to us at Bumper’s Landing, we hardly can refuse anything they ask us to do.

On this particular fourth, we needed to begin at 4:00 Pm.  They thought that maybe we could stretch out the day, to give people even more time to enjoy the entertainment.  (even though, the entertainment, was US!)

We set up in the cool of the music pavilion, after some nice guests were so kind to let us displace them.

At four, the music did begin, appropriately enough with some Jimmy Buffet.  Once began, we could hardly slow down at all; with Buffet, Lightfoot, Morrison and company, close behind.

When we eventually did take a break, we connected with several really nice people who made their requests important to us.

By now, you know how much we enjoy playing patrons’ requests.  Well, its safe to say, that it’s a LOT!

Once into the mid part of the second set, we noticed an entire group of fans from Great Oaks, had gone on a “Field trip”, to come see us.

How cool is that?

They said that the DJ, was not quite their cup of tea; so they packed up the kids and grabbed the ladies and headed to Mount Clemens, to catch us live.

That really says a great deal about some wonderful people, and it bit about how much people appreciate how hard we work to entertain.

Five O’Clock soon turned into six, and then seven and song after song, and request after request.  Carl and I tried to make America proud, by evoking what we all love about our great land through interpretive song.

There sure is a lot to like about being free in America; no matter how disgruntled people may be these days.

Boaters sure have an amazing time.  They gather and drink, and smile and laugh and poke fun, and request and occasionally fall in the lake.

Oh well, it happens!

We are really enjoying playing at Bumper’s this summer.  By the calendar, it will  be year three for us; but it seems all new since the re-model.  So many people have told us how they love all the hard work that the owner and staff have put into making this venue the best place not he water to have fun.

The people were all having a wonderful time, right up until 9:30 when we called it a musical day.

We will return Saturday afternoon to pick up right where we left off, hopefully.

We know we will work hard.  We know that the boaters will be smiling and partying.  We know that things will go on that we might see, but not understand.

We know all of these things; and a little more each time we play.

We know that we missed the Great Oaks this 4th of July, but will return there in September.

That being said, we also know that being at Bumper’s for this years’ independence day was en event we won’t soon forget.

God Bless America!



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