Everyone loves finding treasure.  Carl and I are no exception.

That’s just what we found at The Rec Bowl last night.

A little off the beaten path, A little bit out of the way in Mount Clemens.  Across the river, over the hill, through the city maze, and just out of sight; this hidden gem welcomes the lonely hunter to sit down, to rest and renew, while quenching his thirst, filling his belly, and listening to some of the great bands and entertainers of the region.

Seems too good to be true, but it surely is.

Patty and Freddy Fox have owned and operated The Rec Bowl for decades just outside the city; and lucky people in the know have benefited from their tireless efforts without even knowing.

There has been talk of us playing there for more than thirty years, but until last Friday, we have never had the real opportunity.  That all changed last night.

Everything was easy about our first gig there.  The set up, the staff, the venue.  All things that can be problematic, were so easy that it was apparent that they have done it all before.

In fact, the wall next to the great stage was illustrated with the names and signatures of some of Mount Clemens‘ most talented artist of music.

As Carl and I played our first set, we happened to see many names of musicians that all started with us, so many years ago.  Memories that we both treasure as rich as gold.

The second thing that we noticed on this summer Friday night across the Clinton River was the hustle and bustle of a big fiftieth birthday party.

Apparently Chris was getting older, and all of his friends and family wished to share the night and the occasion.  All nice peoples and all of them sporting huge smiles.

We began tentatively with the music, as acoustically, we had to figure out how to counteract the sound bouncing back from the corner where the band stage was.

Staring a little slower gave us the opportunity to tailor our sound to the room, as best we could.

The patio began to fill up, as the party started to spill out and over.  The bar was full with the regular suspects, all happy in the knowledge that they would each have their share of treasure on his fine night.

The break between sets gave us time to visit with the attentive staff, some wonderful guests and even members of the birthday party.  Everyone we talked to was happy, and some, even proclaimed themselves ready to dance!

So the second set was time to bust out the jams.  Ok, well, our version of that.  We played some Temptations, some Buffett and some Brooks.  Chesney, Morrison and Diamond.

They danced, they sang along, and they even shouted more requests.  We even met some old friends, unlooked for on this interesting night.

More fun, more treasure.

The crowd could have stayed all night, and maybe they did.  For us, though, it was time to play the last song, pack up and move on to tomorrows’ show.

Carl and I know that the next time we want to discover an amazing, but nearly secret place in Mount Clemens, we won’t need a map to find it.  We will simply continue on the road less traveled; through the city, across the river and over the hill.

When the gleam of treasure lights the horizon, we will now that we have found it.  Another good time at The Rec Bowl.


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