It was to be our fourth show at Jimmy John’s Filed in lovely downtown Utica Michigan.  Not even the rain could derail this fun night.

Nor, did it ever.

Though it was raining when we arrived, (and for days earlier), it could do nothing to dampen the spirits of the hearty sports and craft-beer fans in attendance.

Jimmy John’s Field, as you know does something different for the fans, on every given night during the summer.  You never know what will occupy the space between innings and after the game.  You just know that it will be fun.

That was our mission on this night: Bring music to the masses who showed up to throw a frisbee, swat a Whiffle-Ball, or enjoy a craft beer.

Our arrival had us hustling to get our gear to the stage with as little water in our ears as we could manage.

It nearly worked, as the unrelenting deluge did its best to chase us back to the friendly confines or the Bob and Carl mobile.

It didn’t stop us though; and once set up, we began playing with will abandon.

Our sound echoed throughout the stands as the PA carried each and every note to the happy patrons.

There weren’t many, to be honest: but those in attendance were hearty and happy.

They played game after game of disk golf, and drank beer after beer of the craftiest beer anyone could hope for at a ball-park.

It was a memorable night, to be sure.

While the rain never abated, we finally reached the end of our evening.  Before we knew it, we had accomplished everything we set out to do: bring our unique brand of entertainment to the heartiest sports fans, this side of the Mississippi.


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