They say that you can never go back.

Well, they are wrong.  In Centerline, you can.  We did it last Saturday afternoon.

Carl and I returned to the place that we have enjoyed playing for the last couple summers.  Centerline Independence Festival.

We love getting the chance to play country music.  And, in Centerline, we had just one such opportunity.

Although the weather would not cooperate for us agin this year, we would not be denied.  Setting up on the Eastpointe show-mobile, we knew that things would be a little different this year.

It was raining, and the crowds were not out-and-about as of yet.  However, that didn’t deter us one bit.  We lit into the country hits with will abandon.

We played a variety of old and new country.  Something for each and everyone that might stop by to enjoy the music and the day.  Four or five songs into our two-hour set, we started getting requests from the good folks in attendance.

They wanted some, Riders in the Sky.  Some Garth Brooks and some Johnny cash.  Always happy to oblige, Carl launched into request after request, to the delight of those in attendance.

The rain held off just long enough for us to take a small break, as well as give us a chance to chat with the country fans that crowded the stage area.  Everyone was happy, evident by the smiles and the toes that were tapping.

Our second half of the show was a bit younger in song selection, and a bit more up-tempo, in nature.  Time to play some music by the country artists of the last five years.

The crowd was really coming together now, as it was nearly time to do some square dancing under the beer tent.

We finished strong with some old country favorites.  Leaving a good impression in the hearts and minds of all the fans who attended.

While this year seemed like a transition year for the festival, we certainly hoped that we will be back again to have more fun with the great fans of Centerline.



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