Cars, music and lots and lots of people.  

Sound like a great combination?

That’s what we saw when we arrived in Berkley for the annual CruiseFest.

That and so much more.

More smiles then you could imagine.  Really, that’s what it was about.  Making people happy as they share their love for amazing vehicles from an long-lost era.

Carl and I know that its always an experience getting to any of the big events as they are unfolding.  Fight traffic, crowds, police, and simply people in general is always cause to leave early and arrive as expeditiously as possible.

Having played last year, we knew exactly where to be and what to expect, this time, though.  We carved out our spot, behind the show-mobile, and set out to reconnoiter before it was our turn on stage.

Getting there early allowed us to take some moments to breathe in all that the cute little city of Berkley Michigan could offer.

Wonderful people milling about, in the casual, summer sunlight.  Checking out the fine automobiles, as they roll down scenic twelve mile road.

The event staff gathered us in and made sure that we were well taken care of, with food drink and personnel kindness.

We even grabbed some refreshments from the entertainer’s tent.

Just about then, it was time for the vocal group Full Throttle to rev it up and get the evening going.  They sing all of the great songs from the “Do-Wop” era that beckon back to the days of fast cars and girls at the drive-ins.

After a rousing set of classic tunes, Full Throttle bid the crowd, “Good Night Sweetheart, It’s Time To Go“, and turned it over to The Legendary, Bob and Carl!

We began strong with some Creedence Clearwater Revival, and then without hesitation jumped right in the tub with Bobby Darin.  Seemed that it was the perfect way to get the crowd into first gear. 

The music echoed down the street as the people milled about, still eagerly awaiting Saturday and the real reason that they were there, The Dream Cruise itself.

We were certainly in sync for this years’ show, as we were not experiencing any of the technical issues we did last time.

Nothing compares to owning the stage as people sing along to the great hits of the rock and roll era.  Well, maybe having your gal by your side as we perform.

We as entertainers, are always are trying to reach our audience any way we can.  The cameras and crew helped us reach all of those car and music lovers who couldn’t attend the show.  We love being filmed, as we know that we have to kick our show up another notch.

Connecting with people is sometimes easier when you imagine yourself as the writer of the song that you are singing.

Something takes you over when you imagine yourself as Elvis, leaning out into the crowd, singing Can’t Help Falling In Love, or staring into the camera and fantasizing about your special someone who is missing you as she watches you sing her that immortal Temptations hit, My Girl.

Our show covered many songs of all types and genres.  From Jimmy Buffett to the Monkeys and some country hits for good measure.

The theme was to play the music that was on your car radio when cruising was king.

Although we had them dancing and singing along.  The crowd was pretty reserved, as the real show was still a day away.  They were as polite as Berkley always is.  Always a great time.  Always a wonderful experience.

In the dark of the night, we pulled our gear off of the stage and loaded it carefully into the van.  Tomorrow would be another show.  More songs, more people, more requests.

More opportunities to show the ones we care about how important they are to us.

If you want to re-live the show, click this link HERE to watch the entire show.


Click HERE to re-live the concert from the best seat in your house!


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