Each and every day, a young industrious ant would leave the colony, walk to the the acorn grove and return with his prize.  Every day was the same, and after he worked all summer, he would have enough food for the long winter ahead.

But, one day on his way, a large branch had fallen across the trail, and he was forced to take another route, down near the water.  Since he was unsure of his surroundings, he stopped to ask an interested looking spider who just happened to be perched above him in one of the trees.

The spider told the ant how to navigate to the grove, but inquired why he was going.  When the ant told the spider that he needed to collect enough acorns for winter, the spider nodded his head in agreement.

“You know,” said the spider . . . You could work all summer in the sweltering heat, collecting acorns . . . or, you could work for just ONE week!”

“Huh?” said the ant, “I don’t understand.”

“Well, you could collect one weeks’ worth of acorns, and give them to me to sell across the river in the big city. You would then have enough money to hire another ant to do all the work for you, while you become rich!”

“You would do that for me?”, said the ant.  “Sure, I’m going there anyway, and you seem like an honest enough ant that you would be waiting for me when I return with the money.”

“Mmmmm, OK!” said the enterprising insect.

Well, as you know by now, the ant did his part, giving the spider the biggest haul of acorns he could ever have harvested in one week; and the spider did what spiders do . . . stealing the acorns, and sucking the ant dry in the process.

What’s the moral of the story, you might ask?

Everybody likes ACTION!

Guys love ACTION.  You know what I mean.

Let’s define it like this: The most vigorous, productive, or exciting activity in a particular field, area, group or thing.

Well, I doubt that explains it all that well.  I’ll keep trying.

When it comes to ACTION, there is one place I know that has it every night, in spades . . .  Bumper’s Landing

ACTION is what really draws them in.

The guys want the boats and the ACTION/The girls want the guys/The bar wants the girls, and the guys and the boats and money and the music.  And all of that creates it; ACTION

You see how its all connected.  Carl and I simply add music.

Oh, and we love to watch!

While we are entertaining, we take it all in.  Who’s with who.  Who wants to be with who.  Who is avoiding who.  It’s a who’s who of an ACTION study.

All of that ACTION taking place all around us each and every night.

Like last Saturday, when we arrived as usual, once again, we needed to decide just what the weather was going to do.  Would it rain?  Sure, but, when?

We decided to set up inside first, and then once the weather passed, we would go out and finish the night by the river.

The weather plays a big part in the ACTION.  It motivates people.  It relaxes them, or riles them up.  Weather plays a big part . . .

Our first set was pretty good, as the crowd inside really didn’t expect us to be there, playing all of their favorite boat-tunes.

They loved it!

We had many, many compliments as our first set finished and we had a moment or two to chat with some very kind patrons.  We met a wonderful group of people who had never heard us before.  They had some requests and asked us how long we had been playing together.  The look on their faces  is always priceless when we tell people that we are approaching our fifth decade of entertaining.

Just as we got the place really rocking’ the weather cleared and we decided to move out into the confines of the pavilion for more music.

It generally takes us about twenty minutes to accomplish that task, so when we do that, there is really no chance for us to have an kind of break.

Gotta’ keep the ACTION going!

Now outside, we didn’t have to compete with the Michigan football game that people were busy lamenting.  We kept things rolling and rocking right from the first song by the water.

There was singing, there was dancing, there was lots and lots of ACTION all around us.  The boss was in the house, so there was electricity in the air.

Never a dull moment at Bumper’s, that’s for sure.  Never lacking for excitement, and never short on ACTION.

Next time you are there, check out the bar, the Tiki or even the parking lot for that matter. There is always something going on, inside or out.

That’s what draws them in.  That’s what keeps them excited.  That’s what they know awaits them, the next time they arrive.

Chicks, drinks, boats and ACTION!




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