Historic Downtown Lapeer

Nestled in the historic part of Lapeer, Michigan, is where the Pix Theater can be found.

Vibrant, yet more than that, still relevant in the heart of this hard working community, Carl and were lucky enough to be invited to perform there, last Wednesday.

Excited to be asked, we were even more excited to be given card blanche as to what we could play.  Knowing that, the sky seemed the limit as to what songs we would prepare for this special matinee performance.

Arriving early gave us plenty of time to leisurely walk around and soak up some local scenery.  Our hope was to actually get a small feeling of the heartbeat of this important, Michigan city.

There is a clearly a difference between the traditional old downtown and the more industrialized outskirts, to be sure.  The Pix Theater being recognized as one of the anchors of the traditional downtown area.

Finding our way inside and through the art gallery, Carl and I took to the stage, getting a first-hand look as only performers can.

It was a very cute and well maintained venue.  We could tell that the community takes great pride in its thriving bill of shows and worthwhile special events.

We both took a few minutes to explore and settle in before we set up and did our final sound check.

It’s interesting that from the outside, most small town theaters appear the same, but inside, each one is so very different.  They each have their own unique character and “personality”.

I believe that these old buildings absorb a little bit of each and every movie, show or act that performs there over their long and storied life.

Our goal today was to add to that legacy by bringing smiles to the faces of each and every patron attending, by touching them with timeless musical classics.

Songs by The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel and Johnny Cash.  The Righteous Brothers, Elvis and Looking Glass.  Some country, some folk and even some Irish for good measure.

The audience was in place, and we hit to our marks:  Showtime!

Funny how when you walk out onto that stage, and the lights hit you in the face; you seem to black out for a moment, letting all the world fall away until you are left standing alone with yourself, your talent, your life’s achievements, and the simple thoughts of what and who matters most to you.

We played for and hour and a half, and tried to cover all the musical bases.  Since Saint Paddy’s was right around the corner, we did throw in a few more Irish tunes to get the folks primed and ready for the weekend.

So much fun to reach into our music bag of tricks and pull something different or unexpected out.  (Usually to the delight of our audiences).  We had a great time!

It was a very well received performance.

When we finished, we had the opportunity to connect with the folks before they headed for home.  Each conversation was complimentary and positive.

Hopefully we will get another call in the future so that we might be part of next years’ show bill.

Lapeer Michigan is doing just fine, thank you very much.  And Carl and I are so proud to have been involved!


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