Hot really doesn’t do it justice, since the thermometer has been nearly off the rails this week.  It’s kind of made people crazy.

Well, almost.

They still turn out for a burger and a good brew at their local watering hole.  Any watering hole.  However, in Mount Clemens, Michigan, that means the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub.

In fact, people have been coming to this same spot for a cold, adult beverage and companionship for more than a hundred years.

Imagine that.

Since before the first Great War, folks from this area have been getting together over a glass of their favorite brew.  Years before the invention of the toaster, radio and even cars.

Some things never change.

Then again, other things change a great deal.  Although we don’t play any songs that were popular in 1900, we do a lot of oldies.

As timeless as the classic rock songs are that we do, a great tasting adult beverage is right up there.

Something about amazing food, good live music and a refreshing ale has been a tradition for well over a hundred years.

Why I can imagine that Scott Joplin was sitting at his piano, banging out ragtime songs while the patrons sloshed their beers in tempo, since before all of us where born.

Carl and I both cut our teeth on the great songwriters of the fifties and sixties.  Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and Bob Dylan.  The Beatles, Cat Stevens and Simon and Garfunkel.  Van Morrison, Jim Morrison and Neil Diamond, to name but a few.

We can walk onto any stage and feel confident, knowing that we can entertain an audience, armed with songs written by those composers.

Night after night, the music that we re-awaken with our guitars and keyboards continues to delight and satisfy audiences without fail.

That is why we play the classics written by those songwriters, and their contemporaries.  It doesn’t matter the era, the style or the genre, the crowds’ reaction is always the same. . .

Pure enjoyment!

We began easy on this Friday.  Something smooth and islandy to start.  Some Jimmy, some Van, some Cliff, Some Bob . . .

So far, so good.  Just when they begin to pigeon-hole our sound, Bam! we hit them with some country.  Then some folk, or blue grass, or Irish.

Always keep ’em guessing, and always do it differently that we have before.  With the combination of tunes at our disposal, we can afford to not stick to the script.

Our enormous catalog of music that stretches over six decades allows us to be flexible enough to always keep them guessing, and always keep them entertained.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s hot outside or cold.  Wet, windy or balmy.  What matters is the fact that people need to be with people.

They need to congregate, the need to communicate and they need to share their lives with other people.  They need music, they need food and they need a good, stiff drink every once in a while.

We’ll provide the soundtrack.  That’s the easy part.  Music loves company.

Thank God, that with all of the places closed or going out of business in this last decade, people still appreciate time-tested music, time honored ale, and time-defying venues like The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub.


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