We were lucky enough to be asked to entertain for a wonderful couple who were celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary, on August 25th, 2019.

It was to be held at the Gazebo hall in Warren,  Michigan.  We arrived very early and had the good fortune to meet a very sweet lady who was in charge of watching the hall while the entire party was still at mass.

She showed us around, told us stories and made us feel at ease very comfortable, even before we met the guests for the evening.

It was the perfect way to ease into a wonderful party, where all of the guests were there to honor the happy couple.

Soon, the doors opened and the guests poured through them ready for a wonderful evening of food, music, dancing and celebrating.

We were approached by the daughter of the groom who shared her vision of the entire evening.  She had worked very hard to honor her mom and dad, and we felt excited to be a large part of it.

The music was quiet and reserved to start.  Background music, actually, with just a hint of anything that would take the attention away from the bride and groom of fifty years.

Our entire first set was more listening music than anything else.  Songs that wouldn’t overpower or overbear the mood or the guests.

Dinner was the next thing on the agenda, and our time to really shine.

It was our chance to connect with the guests while they chatted and settled in for the evening.

We played music that told stories, had adventures and illustrated what life can bring out in two people who loved each other with all their hearts and souls.

There were speeches, toasts and stories of the long married couple by the children, friends and well-wishers.

From there, Carl and I took over as it was time to open up the throttle and get the people dancing to the beat.

All of the guests were involved at this point.

The kids were playing, the bride and groom were sharing stories of their lives and dispensing advice to others of how a happy  life can be attained.

It was a very rewarding evening.

It certainly made us think about what it must be like to share our lives with the the ones we love, for fifty years, or more.

We thanked the happy couple one last time, their daughter and the staff of the hall that was so very nice.

This was such a wonderful party that we vowed to be back to play at their 100th!


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