Entertaining at Jimmy John’s Field has been a tradition since it opened, some years ago.  We were there on the very first night, and we have been back ever since.

Always a great time, always challenging and always wonderful to be a part of the Jimmy John’s tradition of baseball and good family entertainment.

This year was no exception as we had the opportunity to share the evening with friends, family and even some who were not able to make the trek out.  (Well, they had other things more important to do . . .)

The night Was perfect, and as always, the hospitality was top-notch!

Arriving early, we had the chance to watch the staff of this cute little ballpark go through their paces as they readied the stadium for its’ loyal fans.

We were set up in no time, and even had the great fortune to run into a few fans of our own, the indomitable Brad Savage, and the legendary Cockroach band manager, Sir Paul Stevens.  (wow!)

As if that wasn’t enough, Carl and I were able to do a meet-n-greet with NHL Hall Of Fame announcer, Michael, “Doc” Emrick

He was just about the nicest guy in the world and quite gracious as we had the chance to talk Irish music and baseball.  (but alas, no hockey.)

By then, it was time for us to play our opening songs before the game got underway.

Soon, with the sounds of Irish folk music wafting from the diamond, we settled in to our perch outside of the centerfield fence, awaiting our next chance to play.

It was only after the game was in full motion that we had the next opportunity to get everyone singing along.  The Unicorn was the perfect choice to bring Ireland to America in under ninety seconds.

During our breaks I had the chance to canvas the ballpark, chatting with people and taking in the sights.  Everyone seemed happy as the game played in the background.

Guinness was represented in kegs, in glasses, on sportswear and even in a few bellies, as the seventh inning stretch arrived before we even knew it.

The dancers danced, we played, the dog chased the frisbee and the ball game was a runaway for the Unicorns as they drubbed the Hoppers.  Well what would you expect on Irish Heritage Night!


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