By now it’s no secret.

The word is out and growing each and every day.

You can arrive by car, by boat, by motorcycle, Jet-Ski, Uber or covered wagon.  Bumper’s Landing is not just a great bar and restaurant, it’s a destination!

They come for dinner.  They come for drinks.  They come to hang, to chill and or to relax.  They come as a group, a gang, or a gaggle.

The meet for cocktails, pizza or the big game.

They book their fantasy draft, their bachelor/bachelorette party and their wedding rehearsal dinner.  They even had a rock star film the video for his new single here!

Uncle Cracker’s

The word is defiantly out.  And the word is Bumper’s Landing.

Take last Saturday for example: We saw boaters, jocks, kids, dogs, sports junkies, car aficionados, wedding crashers, guests, brides, grooms and even a brace of car salesmen.

They were all there, all enguaged and all happy as sailors on shore leave.  We saw them all as our very first survey of the boardwalk checked most every ocupational box.

It was a full house, and getting fuller by the moment.  We needed to set up soon, or we might not have any place to play.  (We couldn’t even find a parking spot at first try).  It was going to be a busy night.

Somehow we found our feet, or place and our sound, as a strong first set paved the way for a great night to come.

In stead of starting out easy, (as we usual try and do); we put it in second gear right from the beginning.  It just seemed that we need to pick up the pace from the first set, and not wait a moment to get this party started.

Once set into motion, the night got stronger as it evolved.

Sometimes we try our best to pace ourselves, thinking that the tempo and tenor of the music can’t possible hold up through the night.  However, we are frequently wrong.

Possibly entertaining for nearly fifty years gives us the internal gyroscope of just what song we should play next, and how to maintain the pace for hours on end.

There are always people who step in and step up as well.  That is one wonderful aspect of what we do.  The people always come through and save us.

When it’s slow or clunky or just off a bit, the people always inherently become the catalyst to get us through.  One aspect that Carl and I never take for granted about what we do.

Our focus is music first.  And, if we do the music right, the people will always respond.

Most times we get it right.  We can see the results in the eyes and on the faces of the ones we share our experience with.

The weather may change, the building never does and the beer always tastes great; but the people are always the variable that makes our job so interesting and rewarding.

We finished our evening with some very fun gals playing percussion and dance, dance revolution right at center stage.  Just what the guys in the audience love to see.  Girls showing off and having fun!

That’s right, it’s the people who make the event.

We just manage everyone and do our best to play the music that gets them to their happy place.

To us, our destination, our happy place is always, Bumper’s Landing!


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