Yes, we know that it is always busy at Bumper’s Landing.  And yet, Sometimes, it still surprises us when we have a night like last night.

Don’t get me wrong, it was fairly busy when we arrived (around five O’clock).  It had already turned into a beautiful afternoon, and the boats were beginning to come in from the lake to jockey for position at the docks.

Unloading and setting up was simple and easy, since someone was kind enough to save us the right parking spot, near the fence.

Right from the start we could tell how friendly the nights’ crowd was.  Cordial, kind and helpful, it was a breeze getting ready to play.

We even had some time in the van for a special, pre-gig show of our own to get the blood really pumping!

Carl changed his shirt and we soon made our way to the pavilion to find out how much the crowd enjoyed classic oldies and country.

The answer: (Spoiler alert), LOTS!

It was another Jimmy Buffett beginning.  A perfect way to start the evening officially. The crowd cheered after each song was offered and executed.  Dock Of The Bay, Peaceful easy Feeling and even, I Love This Bar, jumped out of our speakers and found their way to the unsuspecting patrons.

Each one met with cheers and unbridled adulation.

The boats now were settled in for the night and the unloaded patrons now were beginning to mass on the deck.


It was our job to welcome them in with song, and by now, we were getting quite good at it.

Our second set was comprised of more country tunes than the first set.  Since we had several tables engaged in a request bidding war, the fun was really starting to ratchet up to a whole new level.

There were shouts of, “Elvis, The Beatles!” and some shouts of , “No Beatles, No Elvis!”. What followed was an entire discussion on the merits of the two most popular acts in the history of modern music.  (One in which I personally took part of, but did not win.)

That’s ok, I think that Elvis has done all right for himself up to this point, even without my help.

It was all in good fun, and good fun it was.

The sun was setting now and the football game was nearing the fourth quarter. All around us signs of autumn approaching could not ignored.

The deck was full as well as inside the bar.  Happy faces chatting, drinking and sampling fun food, like there was no tomorrow.

Who needs tomorrow when there was a day like this at hand!

Well, no matter.

It just seemed to get even better from there.

I can’t emphasis enough how well these people seem to get along.  Like minds, alcohol and nautical hearts must be the key to it all.

As the sun finally set on this classic summer afternoon, no-one seemed to mind.  In fact, they gathered together even closer, exploring the effects of music, laughter and booze on the psych.

Not many days left like this, I thought to my self as I closed the guitar cases on another amazing night.

Soon we would be moving inside at Bumper’s for a whole other experience.  Crazy-fun, but different.

The good news: Although it’s true; there is nothing quite like a Michigan summer.  Autumn is knocking on the door; and that is amazing in and of itself!

We will be here through all the seasons.  Playing, observing and sharing the diagnosis with you.  Stay right there . . .




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