Nothing is better than playing in a club that has a happy staff.

Well possibly, a warm atmosphere, great location and mouth watering food.

The Good News: All of that can be experienced at Miles On The Water in historic Mount Clemens Michigan.

Seems that one day I received a message from Danielle, who used to be the general manager at The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in downtown Mount Clemens.  We had worked for her for more than five years, and now were being asked to be part of the musical line-up at Miles on the water.

Excited, we showed up early on Friday evening.  Finding out just where we were to set up our gear, we eased into our first night by getting everything just right and still having time to sample the food before we started.

(Spoiler alert:  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!)

With the onset of winter, we knew that this evening was going to be sparse.  As the seven O’clock hour rolled around, we found it a bit slow to say the least.

Undaunted, Carl and I did all that we could to bring the night to life.  After each musical offering, we received a good ovation from the enthusiastic patrons.

We enguaged with the table of guys to our right, playing request after request until they gave up, crying “Uncle!”

Right before our last set, a wonderful group of people dropped by for a late dinner.  They were celebrating a 70th birthday and were nice enough to share it with us.

The fun was all around now, as each musical number we chose got them singing, dancing and shouting with delight.

So much fun, so many great memories!

As the clock hit eleven, we did one more tune and then packed our gear to fade into the night.

One more “Thank you!” to the staff, one more “Have a good night!” to the guests, as this evening came to a smooth end.

Carl and I hope to be back, as we really enjoyed our time here.  The staff was wonderful, the acoustics were warm and boisterous, and Danielle was a sweet as can be.

If you are going through Mount Clemens, rounding the bend right before you enter the freeway, resist the urge to pass up this little treasure.  Spend an hour or two at Miles on The Water.

You’ll be so glad you did!




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