IT’S Cadillac Jacks’ BIRTHDAY!

If there was ever a special day, this was it.

He’s the king, the stud, the Duke of the docks  He’s a legend in his own mind.

Jack is the one.  He’s the Man.  He’s got more in common with Elvis than Kevin Bacon.  Jack is actually who Chuck Norris comes to for manly advice.

Jack is the straw that sirs the drink.

Jack’s the pope of any port, (and its not his ring they make a pilgrimage to kiss.)

You’ve heard the line, “You don’t know Jack!”  Well, I’m here to tell you that if you did know him, you’d envy him.

You see, Jack is a fixture at Bumper’s Landing, and it just wouldn’t be the same place without him.

It has been a day that many had looked forward to all summer long, and now that it has arrived, it was time for everyone to cut footloose!

I suppose that to many this Saturday seemed almost atypical here at Bumper’s Landing,  The sun was shining and boats were jockeying for a birth by the boardwalk;  many yet unaware of the excitement awaiting them.

We set up our gear and poised for the moment of his arrival.  Tables were reserved, waitresses were readying themselves and friends and family were practicing their speeches and thank you’s all in preparation for his grand entrance.

As for us, we tried to stay calm and play our usual opening set, while keeping one eye peeled for the moment when the crowd erupted with his presence.

Meanwhile, there were old friends stopping by, lots of regulars who wanted to share a story or a “Hello!” and songs to be sung and played.  It was shaping up to be quite a day.

We watched a half million dollar speed boat slink into dock catching a  lot of people’s attention.  A fitting undercard for the palpable thrills yet to come.  It was actually en route to races down south, but thought that it should stop by Bumper’s to be involved in some real excitement and danger.  (Jack’s birthday celebration)

All at once, like lightening splitting an oak, Cadillac Jack was on the premisses!

The crowd cheered, women fainted and many genuflected to acknowledge his arrival.

After the initial excitement died down, Carl and I played some of his favorites, to the delight of the regular patrons and mere mortals.  Jack picked out several of the most beautiful women and allowed them to dance with him.

With his family was on hand to pay their respects, it was a day that will live forever in the hearts and minds of everyone lucky enough to be part of it in some small way.

I’m sure that many more things actually did happen that day; but, all we will ever remember, is how lucky we all were to be part of the legend that is Cadillac Jack!


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