“C’mon people now, smile on your bother, everybody get together, try and love one another right now.”

These are trying times, with turmoil everywhere in the world.  Wherever you may look, you can see evidence of man’s constant inhumanity to his fellow man.

However, what might be true for the rest of the planet, doesn’t necessarily hold true for Bumper’s Landing. Here, there are smiles apleanty, everywhere you look.

Just Sayin’

If fact, many of the people who flock to this haven from the cruel, real world seek it out to escape from the wicked realities that exists, right outside its doors.

They know that when they arrive, they will enter a place that almost protects them from the cares and worries that wear down most unassuming people.

We know that, Carl and I.

We’ve been a part of it for too long now to have it go unnoticed on our watch.  We’ve seen how folks come in, stoic and stern, and in the span of a few short hours, emerge contented and without a care in the world.  Renewed, refreshed and reinvigorated!

Bumper’s Landing is like a safe haven of sorts.  A worry-free zone where the world has no sway of the souls of its inhabitants.

We always survey the crowd as we arrive to set up our equipment, about an hour before we are scheduled to begin our performance.  It’s like stepping into another world.  No matter what trials and tribulations are making headlines at the moments in the real world, those worries seem to be abandoned at the door.

This safe haven of happiness is available and awaiting each of us, should we simply choose to be participate.  All you need to do is join us.  For an hour a meal or and evening, your troubles can melt away if you wish to let them go.

We’ll help.

Carl and I will start by offering happy, relaxing music that was created to sweep you away from the turmoil you angst that is wedged in your soul.  To lift it away and allow calming thoughts of pleasure to reside in its place.

Some Saturdays here are simply without any agenda at all.  No birthday parties or product driven sales pitches here.  Just a club house of relaxation and enjoyment.  By the water, near the kitchen, with plenty of adult libations within easy reach.

All the ingredients one needs to shed the unrelenting shackles of this mean spirited plane.

Music, food and alcohol.  The triumvirate of modern-day happiness.

They can all be found in plentiful abundance at Bumper’s Landing, in Harrison Township, Michigan.

“Seek, and ye shall find!”  it has been said.  ‘Tis true.  And if ye shall seek and find, make certain to give a good review on Yelp!



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