We know the calendar says autumn, but when it’s near eighty, the sun is high and boats are zipping up and down, we just might look the other way.

And so it was last Saturday at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Township.  It was on everyone’s mind, although no one would vocalize it. Days like this don’t last forever, and when you live and play in Michigan, they are as precious as gold!

Low humidity, seventy-eight degrees and no rain in sight can even make listening to Bob and Carl palatable.

Without question, the setting was perfect for an evening of enjoyment, no matter what was planned.  Great food, intoxicating intoxicants, and Yacht Rock wafting through the patio speakers set the mood to, enjoy!

That was the setting Carl and I inherited as we arrived to set up and begin what was to be a perfect evening under the pavilion.

Another change awaited us as we pulled into the parking lot.  This time, there was a new wall and fence to complete the waterfront ensemble.

The ownership at Bumper’s was doing something almost daily to make the entire experience immersive for each and every customer.

Truly, an island get-away, just miles from the office.

Our part is the music, and we take great pride in every aspect of its making.

From the very first when we arrive, our goal is to move in swiftly, professionally and set up our gear without so much as anyone noticing.  We don’t want to be in anyone’s way or displace any customer from their personal relaxation experience.

From our opening song, our attempt is to not startle anyone with its’ aural arrival.  To simply transition from the background Tiki bar music, to the dulcet tones of the patron saint of pop relaxation, Jimmy Buffett.  We want them to notice mind you, we just simply don’t wish to knock anyone over with our sound.  We prefer them to notice us between conversations and eventually let the music take hold.

This is one of our goals during the first set.  To pick songs that they will love, and will highlight our musical strengths.  (whatever they might be)

The Buffet makes them smile, the country brings them home and the rock gets them into the groove.

Right next to us during this first set is a wonderful group of people, who certainly know their music.  Even more than that, they know what music they like, and they are not shy about asking for it.

With lots and lots of requests in hand, it was time to begin the second set.  Lots of island music, some select country and even a few classic, iconic oldies.  That’s how you entertain on Saturday evening at Bumper’s Landing.

One thing the warm, lingering weather does is to keep patrons outside on the boardwalk well into the later hours.  Forget that its September, the thermometer suggests more like July!

The calendar doesn’t lie however, and as the sun goes down, it becomes evident that it’s time to savor the final set of the night.

Usually the last set belongs to the dancers in the crowd.  There are always some who want to get out there and cut a rug before the night is ultimately done.  We pick up the tempo and the groove and rocket to the finish line.

One of our trademarks is saving a few sing-a-long songs for the end of the night.  Nothing is more enjoyable for customers than to be able to join in and salute the moment in song with their fellow compadres.

Carl and I certainly enjoyed this day from start to satisfying finish.  Surrounded by friends, fans and amazing staff, there might be better ways to spend a September Saturday, but we would simply struggle to imagine what they might be.



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