You’re always welcome at Bumper’s Landing.

Everyone, that is.

Just jump in your boat, your car or your rickshaw, golf cart or skiff and paddle on over.

No questions will be asked.  No hoops to jump through.

Just open the door and you’re in.

. . . In for a great time, in for an exciting evening, in good company!

Think we’re fans?

You’d be right.  We’ve been there too many times to ignore its healing powers.  This place is as amazing as any place you can ever imagine, and I’m not really sure why.

Some things just work.  Some places absolutely get it right, from start to finish, and Bumper’s Landing figured it out.

The ambiance, the style, the look, the vibe, if you will.

You’ll notice that right away.

It’s like when you want to hang out with your friends at a cool place: it’s Bumper’s

Like when you want to bring a date and have a great evening where no one bothers you and you can concentrate on your significant other: take them to Bumper’s

Like when you are lonely and just want to be around people; but not just any people, nice people, interesting people, good looking, smart, funny and attractive people: Bumper’s

Want to enjoy great music? : Bumper’s

Good food?
Satisfying drinks?
How about a place that you can simply, ‘People Watch”?

Bumper’s, Bumper’s, Bumper’s Landing!

Walking in is the very first indication that there is something different about this place.  It’s like your very own clubhouse, where you’re treated like the special person you have always believed you are.

Always so much going on all around you too.  It’s insane!

Carl and I just marvel at it from a distance as we arrive and begin to set up for the afternoon/evening show.  Yep, we notice it all; who’s working, how crowded it is, what the buzz is?

Always something going down at this place, too, it seems.  By the time we start to play, things are beginning to materialize for the afternoon, like what kind of crowd we have is starting to become apparent.

If it’s primarily older, or younger, if there’s a special event, bachelorette party or game afoot.  Sometimes it’s crowded with dinner guests, sometimes it’s day-drinkers.

Always something, that’s a given.

We get through the first set and it’s time to meet the guests.  We try and say “Hello!” to everyone who came out.  (we do our very best) We know that we can’t spend too much time with each of them, but the idea is to make them each feel special and welcome for visiting.

By the second set the requests are pouring in, and we find it’s the perfect time to find out which direction the audience wants to pivot: Country, rock, oldies, island . . . ALL of the above.

We love the interaction at Bumper’s.

Being in the spotlight, we can take control of the evening by turning up the music, mellowing out, or getting the crowd to put on their dancing-flip-flops!

As the sun sets, things take another turn at Bumper’s  The age drops by twenty years and the more venerable customers exit for the evening.

Our last set is usually classic sing-a-longs and dance music, designed to bring about closure to our evenings’ performance.

It usually goes over pretty well.

As they close the patio and Tiki bar, we begin the process of packing our gear and heading out.

The last transformation occurs as everyone who’s left heads inside for the legendary Bumper’s Landing afterglow.

It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s laid back, it’s actually pretty chill as the crowd has a night-cap-or-two to celebrate the completion of another amazing day.

If you’re looking for a place to simply enjoy your evening from start to finish . . .

Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag by now.

Find it on the map, it’s just this side of awesome!



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