Music brings warmth - May, 2022

Spring is a time of transition; and no transition in recent memory could be more apparent than what we have just been through.

You can read it on everyone’s faces, from young to old, male to female, no matter your avocation or affiliation.  The affects of this pandemic have been so thorough and far-reaching, that it has wounded us all in some way shape or form.  We as a people are now more cautious.  We are more withdrawn, more sullen and far more distrusting of our world and those who inhabit it.  Unfortunately it is sad but so absolutely true.

That’s where Bob and Carl come in.  (Well, our music, that is). We can help.  We can treat this illness.  We can cure the affliction, if I may be so bold.  Our music is a healthy catharsis for the soul.  No, really, it is!

No matter how different these two past years have been, entertainment wise; we have just kept our heads down and sang.  No matter how many less people there have been showing up to gigs.  Forget the news, the dreariness, the situation; we sang, we played and we absorbed that connection with everyone within earshot.

Know what?  Finally we are out of the spiral.  Folks began to come back outside and enjoy all the things that they had missed since those dark days arrived.  Like, music.  Like song.  Fellowship.  And even laughing again . . .

The month of May is when the switch was flipped.  Even thought the weather was not great, at the very least things began to take on that timeless feel, as if we could actually breathe again.  Literally.

Carl and I dutifully showed up to every musical event on the calendar, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to entertain our asses off.  (if need be).  And, we did.  And, people responded everywhere we went.  Look at the smiles and glowing faces in these photos: people were simply tired of all the gloom.  Who could blame them?  Anyone who’s old enough to know, would agree how dark those times were.

The spring of 2022 was the time to move forward.  Time to begin really living again.  Time to appreciate all of the things we might have previously taken for granted. (it is so true that we never really realize the value of what we have until its gone).

The arrival of the pandemic hit us two days before St. Patrick’s Day, and has upended everything since.  One of the wonderful things that we appreciated even more when we couldn’t play music, were the fantastic staff and ownership of the amazing venues we entertained at.   

The Fifth Tavern

The Fifth Tavern in Clarkston, where our wonderful friend Michelle makes everyone feel as if they were the most important customer in the place.  Open and airy, there is such a laid-back vibe there, we fall right into that relaxing groove without even realizing it!

Bumper’s Landing

Bumper’s Landing where Carl and I are part of the family.  We find joy in every part of that gig, no matter how hard we work, (and we always try and give even more next time).  We somehow feel that we simply can’t give back enough to all the wonderful hardworking staff that keeps those friendly doors open.

Taylor’s Beach Family Campground

Each and every time we travel the long ride out to Howell, we are awed by all the folks who find so much joy in getting back to nature.  (Don’t tell anyone that Carl and I feel like they actually don’t need us at all – since they seem to always be having such a great time on their own).  But again, we LOVE setting up and singing at Taylor’s Beach.

We both know how important signs are.  (and if you are reading this right now, you know why).  All the signs point to a new, fresh start.  A new beginning that encompasses those traditions and values we hold dear.  A new feeling of optimism for our future; and a new energy and hope that we can and will make a difference.

This spring was cooler than normal, quieter than normal and for all intents and purposes, still not 100% like most springs of old.  But in retrospect, we both feel very confident that we are on the right track to getting back to normal.  And, sometimes, normal is just what we need.

So, grab a refreshing beverage, find a comfortable spot and settle in.  It’s going to be a wonderful summer to remember!


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